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 Something I saw

There is a spiritual force behind this world scene which, by means of “the things that are in the world,” is seeking to enmesh men in its system. It is not merely against sin, therefore, that the saints of God need to be on their guard, but against the ruler of this world. The question we must ask ourselves, then, is not, “Is this thing good or evil?” Rather, we must ask, “How is this thing affecting my relationship with the Father?”
Watchman Nee

This really struck me as I was reading it. I can not even tell you how many times I have asked myself is this movie alright and then spent time trying to determine if its to worldly for me to watch or not. Same thing applies to other aspects in my life as well, always the question that comes up is this good or bad? I see now this is an easy tool for the enemy to use against us. Flesh is always ready to give us a million reasons to watch the movie and to even justify the action, but when I ask myself how does watching this movie affect my daily walk with the Father every thing is suddenly very clear. If watching does not draw me near to Him, to cause me to consider Him and the ways of His kingdom then the movie is of no value and my times is wasted watching it.

Just thought I would share that tonight

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