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May His name continue to be glorified through this website. And may the Lord continue to give you, Greg, the wisdom and the anointing to keep this site going. God bless you for your obedience in putting this together.

 2008/6/9 8:53Profile



Brothertom wrote:

I have been isolated for several years, with little or no interaction. I believe that this has been the Lord's path for me , for now.

I came upon a friend who recommended "MILTON GREEN" here, at SI. I have been like a kid in a candy store ever since. I was surprised that others were like me, and thought my way, maybe a little more radical than Churchianity. I am grateful for the forums, along with the resources, in that I have not found a place anywhere, where my deep could call out to deep, and I would not find rejection.

I have found a treasure here in so many tender and broken hearts that love Jesus more than anything, both of Saints graduated, and present.

Not that I am one, but I have found many, many Hebrews 11 folks here, and I like "em.

Perhaps, as Esther, SI has a commission for "such a time as this", in this perilous time of Apostasy and betrayers. God knows that we need strength and encouragement, and we need a trumpet call to invigorate us unto a holy heart faith, and declare the truth in the face of opposition, no matter the cost to us.....

A hearty amen to that. I couldn't have said it better.

 2008/6/9 9:00

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Thanks to you Greg, and the moderators and facilitators who make it go.

You're very welcome, brother, and it's an honor and a priviledge to have you here as well. Finding SI has been one of the great moments in my walk also, a very choice blessing of God. The genuine friends I have met here, the life-changing sermons I have heard, the fruitful discussions in the forums, the fellowship of the saints - it has all been so very precious and priceless.

Anyone who comes to this website with a humble heart and a hunger for God is assured to grow leaps and bounds in their faith and knowledge of His ways. I do bless the Lord for brother Greg's obedience and for all the saints and preachers who make it all possible.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2008/6/9 9:02Profile


I am very thankful to the moderators here. I can't imagine what it is like trying to stay on top of all of these posts ect.. meanwhile trying to put togehter a revival conference and all of the other various things you do. I have no idea what this is costing any of you finacially or otherwise but I pray the Lord blesses you and gives you the strength to carry on this good work for His glory.Your reward is in heaven if not on earth. :-)

 2008/6/9 9:12

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I remember back in the day when Greg boasted a mere 500+ sermons for download!!! Small beginnings for sure. God bless you all the more!

Jimmy H

 2008/6/9 12:40Profile

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Richmond, VA


This is great news. I remember my first time finding this site.I kind of fell upon it by going to a site that had tons of Ravenhill messages on it and there was a link on it to sermonindex I was like " let me check this out" and Bam I was amazed . This site has totally changed my life and caused me to become God centered and Not Man centered the messages on this site are like a hammer that break me time and time again. I can stay on this site for hours and hours and listening to the sermons that have been posted here. It's like eating a steak and potato everyday because my spirit is so refreshed by the revelation on this site. Since I joined I have learned about Great men of God like A.W Tozer, J.C. Ryle, Paul Washer, Zac Poonen and many more. May God continue to bless this site and those you feast upon this massive amount of spiritual food that is upon the table here.


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