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Dear SI not to long ago I submitted a piece of writing to a public website that I titled "when the sinful nature spoke" I have been for a long time intrigued very much by the sin that dwelleth in us. So I submitted this writing with a good motive and intention, yet I believe that my approach and or method to this matter might be incorrect. The article does seem a little harsh to say the least, nevertheless I believe it does awaken or bring up some self examination. I would like christian counsel and or opinions on my article which also consist of a video which is most important. My friends , I simply want christian counsel and or opinion on wether maybe i should retract my article. this is the link your counsel is greatly wanted and will be greatly appreciated, please tell me if should take it down or leave it up. thank you ,God bless

David Perez Jr.

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please tell me if should take it down or leave it up. thank you

First, only you can decide that.

Personally, I think your article is a good piece of writing.

Realistically though, you have put truth in the devil's mouth - which is weird! However, I see it would be even weirder to have him denying everything that is true about himself. That's why it's important in scripture, that Jesus and others write the description of him.

The one thing I was looking for as I read, were scripture verses, (esp Rom 1:21) and a mention of Jesus Christ (eg John 8:44, or John 14:6). I can see, though, that they would interrupt the powerful flow of the piece; perhaps they could be used between the title and the body of it? That's the one thing I think you need somewhere - not necessarily the top - but some point of reference for good TRUTH. (Others may disagree; that's why it's your call. I don't think your description of the bondage of sin is too strong. Only the death of Christ broke it. It was strong!)

The preaching on the video (Paris Reidhead?) is excellent.

 2009/5/28 15:01

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I do not know why you are wondering whether you should take it down UNLESS it is the enemy giving you doubts about the piece. Sometimes when we speak for the LORD the enemy comes on strong, works to make you feel like the idiot of the day. This is how the enemy works. On the other-hand if the HOLY SPIRIT is telling you to do so then your only option is to obey. But how can you tell? I suggest you make this a matter of prayer - tell God what you are thinking and do nothing until you feel assured in your spirit this is what needs to be done: either keep it there or remove it.

The problem with sin is that we like it too much for the thrills it gives to the body. I do not think we hate it enough. If we would we would never have a problem with it. This is the short of the long.

Brother, I suggest you keep it there and prepare yourself for some severe temptation, the like you may never have experienced before, including the sense that God has abandoned you. It doesn't mean he did but God may allow this to happen to test you.. "Him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall." (1 Corinthians 10:12)

God bless you, son. I would be pleased if one of my sons would have written a piece like this. :-)


Sandra Miller

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i am too infrequent on this website to have any clout, but that piece was insightful and impactful. Similar to CS Lewis' Screwtape letters. It humbled me to read it, that if it weren't for the abiding grace and power of Christ Jesus I would be swept away in the torrent of sin.

Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe, sin has caused the crimson stain, He washed it white as snow!


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