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 The Reality of Revivals

SANCTIFICATION is described as fervently focused on God's point of view, holiness, and will.

It is yielding our members-soul, body, and spirit-completely unto God.

SANCTIFICATION is surrendering our way of looking at things. At times, we think it is our right to sin (i.e. drink, gain people, husbands, friends).

SANCTIFICATION is perfect submission to God's will and to our SPIRITUAL husband, the Lord Jesus Christ.

SANCTIFICATION includes spiritual vision through God's holiness and Resurrection.

After we leave the Egypt, the SANCTIFICATION process includes letting go of everything and yielding it to Christ. In looking at the parabolic Old Testament, from leaving Egypt (the world, sin) and going through the wilderness to worship God and have God deliver us from the slave mentality (sanctification process and maintenance of God's work of salvation), and then living, moving in prayer to the SPIRITUAL Promised Land (Jesus... last spiritual destiny of heaven).

The only songs I really recommend is Trip Lee and Lecrae; Ambassador is questionable due to his pride and arrogance. His name was spoken first. During recent sanctification processes, I had to get rid of alot (i.e. carnal things, music, TBN, carnal churches, and media) but that does not mean that I have attained perfection or that I am BETTER than those who have fallen. IT is a daily process to be wholly sanctified from head to toe, and strive to be holy without spot, blemish or wrinkle. We need spiritual encouragement, which is righteous judgment, rebuke and correction, to serve Christ wholly.

Lord, make the carnal things bitter and so hated. Let a spiritual love burn within us that we would hate our sin and the fact of falling away from Christ so intensely that we do not want anything to separate us from Christ. Let us pant after holiness and go deeper into the depths of repentance, which is not being a crybaby but crying against the abominations of our hearts. Carnal things KILL us, Lord, so deliver us! Break off the chains of pride and all sin. In Jesus Name, Amen

This can be said in only 6 words: WE NEED revival desperately and spiritually. In the same way, we have to look at it realistically because we are nothing and we do not know everything. In and of ourselves, we know nothing and we are worth nothing to the world, just as 30 pieces of silver was not enough for Judas. Not only did a brother bring it to my attention, I was mad at some websites that made revival into more than it actually was and their selectivity with certain people. Regardless, Christ’s worth is revealed in us when we deny ourselves, die to sin, take up our crosses daily and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, our house (ie. Temple, bodies) must not abide in devilish things.

The following reasons are just a brief look at some things because reality is based on our perception of Christ.

(1) Going astray, being a false witness, or falling away from Christ is a reality that we must look on. This should not stop our seeking God; however, many have fallen away. That means that we can too.

(2) Refusal to walk in God’s will and desiring to follow our flesh is another reality that we must acknowledge. Many times we are running ahead like Balaam in our FLESH not the Spirit. People will prophesy or predict things based on our SELF-CONFIDENCE not our trust in the Lord.

(3) Outward appearance is another reality to examine since it is one of the first things we see. People will be more drawn to whites and those individuals that have worldly perfection and align with the world’s standard of natural beauty. Just because whites lead in REVIVALS does not mean that they are so holy and sanctified. It just means that people don't shut down when they hear them because people chose based on FLESHLY judgment of the outward appearance. People with accents, low socio-economic status, and certain races will be shut down before some words are said, which includes women. People will mostly consider these people to be stupid. This includes anything that people are prejudiced against, such as skin color, ethnicity, and stereotypes.

(4) Misinterpretation due to unclear dialogue is another reality. People may preach with zeal and we live in a world where talking supersedes writing and even the Bible-reading itself. We all know that when we speak quickly, things will be missing. Some people may be getting saved for the wrong reasons, just as it is evident with the seeds that the sower sowed in Matthew 13. Many times, we commit the sin of OMISSION.

(5) Wealth-People are able to do more when they have wealth. For instance, some rich individuals can go places where no one else will go. Therefore, certain races and people will be heard quickly if they have wealth. Not only that, people will admire riches and reputation more than the Bible. Unfortunately, the rich hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven and a small percentage of people are rich with possessions, people, sin, and proud conceit will even reach God. People may chase after earthly prosperity, earthly relationships, physical riches and self-glory, while pretending that it is seeking for Spiritual Riches (Jesus Christ) toward God.

(6) Persecution is another brutal reality for which we must count the cost. People will be killed, beaten, and hunted for their faith physically. You can die-your websites, friends, families, and people gone. You can be imprisoned in the school systems and jails for the faith.

(7) Spiritual readiness is another reality to examine. Some people have reached a place of utter spiritual hunger after years of people praying. Literally, some people have been enduring the sanctification process for years and finally is willing to give up all. Many times, we think that the leaders are the main ones and place superiority on whites, certain revival leaders, the emotionalism aspect of revival, and large publicized revivals. However, these revivals have many elements of the social gospel because they need PEOPLE in order to feel as if God is working.

(8) Competition is another reality. Since things are unequal by DESIGN, certain people are emotional and competing. Others are covering it up as spiritualism, when it’s not. WE ARE to weep, sigh, and cry over the abominations that are happening in the land (Ezekiel 9), which is the spiritual mark of spiritual Holy-Ghost driven conviction. This is a sign of godliness. Some people have a better external appearance that people will accept. It does not matter how much one KNOWS of God-that will win over spirituality. Some people are just social gospelers with nice EARTHLY connections and people who brag on them.

(9) Tradition is another reality. Many times, our actions, words, and thoughts are just a product of vain repetition, carnal commandments and laws. Many times, learning is just a celebration of the past leaders and their ideas. It isn’t a focus on Christ but a focus on leaders and past cultures. For instance, some ceremonies are just a reincarnation or recycling of ancient spirits, Jewish traditions, and false Catholic historical things. The Bible condemns the use of Jewish fables or following another gospel such as Catholicism.

(10) Unbelief in Christ is another reality. Certain cultures are really PROUD, wicked people but pride masquerades as faith. People will rally around certain people JUST because of the appearance of faith. However, it is man-made, human faith built on sinful fears (not reverential fear) and worry. In other words, it is reality that people do not really trust or believe in Jesus Christ. They may engage in Biblical communion but individuals may not truly believe.

These are just TEN of many reasons. Now, I am officially off to be a doer of the Word itself and I am thinking on the good things of God leading me to repentance through His born-again believers.

Overall, these are things to look at during the sanctification process.

I just wanted to share this...
To live is Christ (Phillipians) - Trip Lee
Brethren listen to this exposition
Paul wrote the Philippians some lessons for living (1:1)
Written to them but its real good text for Christians
So read it closely, I hope we can catch the vision
Chapter 1 he tells them he's blessed to get them
Co-laboring with him to serve the best who's risen (1:5, 7) [Christ is not the best whose risen, He is the only. We put on Christ, who is the resurrected Lord. WE are nothing and Christ is everything]
And that's he's confident the Lord will perfect in Christians
What He started and hearts will be corrected in them (1:6)
Listen, he was in prison now maybe never getting out
But all he could think about was the gospel getting out (1:12-14)
Some was even preaching Christ from selfish motives
Coming at Paul but dawg he shrugged his shoulders (1:15-18)
His focus was Christ the Messiah man (1:19)
And for Him "to live is Christ and to die was gain" (1:20,21)
Yeah, he was hard pressed, but to remain in the flesh
Was more necessary so they faith would progress (1:22-24)
He wanted them to strive together for the gospel
In one spirit, one mind, listen to the apostle (1:27)
Maintain the same love, uplift your brothers
Don't just look out for yourself, but for the interests of others (2:2-4)

Our life is nothing, but Christ is all (1:21)
So conduct yourselves worthy of His righteous call (1:27)
(Repeat 4X)

Chapter 2: Let's examine five through eleven
The blessed lamb who resided in the Heavens (2:6)
Said forget the wealth and emptied Himself
Came as a man and died for the brethren (2:7,8)
Ultimate obedience, he died on the cross and (2:8)
Through His humility Christ was exalted (2:9)
Glory to the Father (2:11), now we should have
That same attitude Christ Jesus had (2:5)
And on to verse twelve work out your salvation (2:12)
The Father works in us in this process of saving (2:13)
Avoid dispute and prove yourself blameless
Children of God in a perverse generation (2:14,15)
Cling to the bible, humility is vital
We see it in lives of Paul and his disciples (2:17-30)
Serving him like father (2:22), some fellow soldiers (2:25)
Let us rejoice, unite, and rep Jehovah

Chapter 3: rejoice in the Lord we serve (3:1)
And forget about the flesh we nothing more than dirt (3:3)
Man if anyone could brag bout they status it was Paul
But to him it was trash it and he counted it as lost
For the sake of the Christ, 'cause He gave us life (3:4-7)
Not through anything we did but through faith in Christ (3:9)
We righteous in the eyes of the Lord's that's blessing
Conformed to His death and His resurrection (3:9-10)
Brethren, I don't claim to have attained perfection's
What he said but was reaching to what lies ahead (3:12-13)
And encouraged the Philippians to model what he said (3:15)
And not to walk in the flesh cause that walk is dead (3:17-19)
But we citizens of Heaven who eagerly wait for
The one that we rest in Jesus our Savior (3:20)
That's who the Lord is and He will surely
Transform our bodies in future glory (3:21)

Chapter 4: he closes encouraging with words
In unity and harmony for those within the church (4:1-3)
Rejoice in the Lord, bro our hopes in Him first (4:4)
Let our thanks and our problems be known to Him first (4:6)
Embrace the peace of God, you can bet on that (4:7)
And whatever is good let your mind dwell on that (4:8)
Then he thanked them again, for they gifts and concern (4:10)
But no matter what to be content he had learned (4:11-12)
Plus he was sure that he could do all things
Through Him who gave strength and can do all things (4:13)
And he told them they did well sharing through all pain (4:14)
And made sure they knew he sure he wasn't trying to get more change (4:15-18)
God will supply all they needs he hoped they might see this
According to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus (4:19)
The truth of Philippians I hope it hit you
And may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you (4:23)
I hope you like what you heard with me rapping these verses
But don't get it twisted, we just scratching the surface
There's more to be learned than this rap is saying

 2009/5/27 23:02

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