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 Re: really bad acid reflux

Dear rainydaygirl,

"As for her son, he went back to the doctor yesterday and had some tests done. They are thinking that he has a ulcer which is being compounded by really bad acid reflux. They have him on some new medicines for acid and a new diet that should help with things."

If her son would go on a 'all fruit' diet the acid reflux would go away. Primarily apples will do it. Fruit is practically digested by the time it reaches your stomach and then your stomach can 'rest' and heal. Watermelon and any lope will also do. No need to go into exotic fruits but bananas are safe, too.

Kind regards,


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rainydaygirl, are there any updates on MaryJane?

Would you mind telling her that I said 'Thank you' for her prayers from her thread here about anyone being out of work, etc.. :-)

She stays in my prayers as well.

Thank you!

 2009/6/3 14:34


Tell her to take plenty of good vitamin C, it will help dissolve the stone.

Stones are caused by lack of Calcium in the diet. If you consume a lot of Calcium then you have a different type of stone.

I had a stone before and I wasn't taking any Calcium of any form as milk gave me cramps. But after the LORD healed me of the problem I went back to eating and drinking dairy products without any side effects. Like Krispy said in his post you feel like your going to die.

I hope Mary Jane has passed this thing by now, I can't imagine anyone suffering this long, they say it's the male equivalent of giving birth.

 2009/6/3 15:28

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Tell her to take Vitamin C with Rose Hips.
To take it daily.
Sure hope she has passed the stones by now.
God Bless

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I wanted to let you know that Maryjane is still dealing with her kidney troubles. She is not in constant pain because of the pain medicine and without going into to much detail as long as the kidney does not get blocked off completely and is still functioning she can manage. She has been drinking a lot of lemon juice and cranberry juice and praying. Things are taking so long because of her insurance. She has a HMO, and well its not that great. She had to go to her primary care doctor first then the insurance has a mandatory wait time of two weeks to see if the stone will pass on its own before they will pay for any further treatment. If it does not pass after two weeks then they will send her to a specialist(a urologist). Once she sees him then they will either blast the stone with sound waves or use a laser to blast it. Right now she is able to tolerate the pain, and is just praying that the stone will not block the kidney. This has happened to her in the past and it is extremely painful, and makes her really sick. The one thing is that if the kidney does get blocked off completely then the insurance will allow her to see the urologist sooner and get the stone taken care of. It becomes an emergency situation then. Its really kind of stupid the way the insurance makes you jump through hoops to get things done. The biggest frustration is that she has had kidney stones three times before and there always to large to pass, but they still make her go through this. God is in control and she is just doing her best to keep up with her routine and trust in Him.

Thanks for asking

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I just wanted to give another update to those of you who have been praying for my friend. Spoke with her this morning and she said she has had two days now completely free from pain. She said she has not had to take any medicine and that she has had no symptoms since Friday. God is so faithful and merciful to us! Thank you all so much for the prayers and for lifting her up before the Lord.


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Praise God! HE is awesome! Tell Mary Jane I am shouting with her! Hallelujah!!! He is faithful! Thanks for the update!

In Christ,
Wendy :-)

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 Re: Concerning our sister Maryjane

thanks rdg, praying

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