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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11



The conference in Barnsdall, OK, USA I believe has the touch of God on it. It has been great to hear the burdened hearts of the speakers in preparation for this event. May God come and humble flesh before Him.

You can watch the entire conference at: or also at the domain: we are very grateful that has agreed to live webcast the event freely we highly commend them for your sermon hosting needs.

The first session starts at 2pm CST on Tues, June 2nd. And the webcast will be live for the next whole 2 days 8am-10pm CST. More information on the speakers and the schedule view the brochure here:

Please feel free to live blog the event by posting reviews either on sermonindex or your own blog. May God come and truly humble and break us.

Also SermonIndex has a twitter account: So go ahead and follow us as we "twitter" the revival conference and other website updates.

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Joined: 2002/12/11
Posts: 37702
"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


I recieved this email anonymously back and thought it worthwhile to post here saints:

Cry against her sin! Cry against the waywardness and the wickedness of America!
Cry aloud; cry aloud, cry aloud! For behold the prophecy is sure, and the fulfillment
is certain, and it is not for a distant day, but it is for your day, and for your eyes
and for your ears! These things shall come to pass; for already My judgments are
in the land! And I say, a terrible war is determined against thee. Thou hast not felt
the ravages and effects of war before, but thou shall feel it this time, saith God!
Yea, thou shalt feel it! Thy cities shall know it! They shall taste of it. I have protected
them in years gone by, but they would not have Me. Therefore, My hand of
protection is taken away, saith God, and thou shalt feel the chastening hand of an
Almighty God!

I say, ye that are righteous, be thou righteous. Stay at thy post, lift up thy voice, cry
aloud. For thou wilt not have long to cry aloud and to sound the shofar of alarm.
For I shall do a quick work in a short time, and I will cut it short in righteousness.
And unless I shorten these days, there would be no flesh saved! But for the elect?s
sake, I shall shorten these days. These be the days of sorrow, and the beginning
of the birth pangs of the sorrows and the Great Tribulation.

Thou art the children who are to cry aloud and cleanse thy hands of the blood of
this generation! Clean thy hands! Clean thy hands! For if thou wilt not warn the
wicked, they shall die in their sins, saith God, but their blood I will require at thy
hands! And if thou wilt not cry, if thou wilt not sound the alarm, and blow the trumpet,
I say that ye shall die with the blood of this generation upon thy hands, and thou
shalt give an account for it. But if thou will cry loud, and if thou will not spare, and
if thou will sound the shofar, yea, if thou will work while it is yet day, thou shall
wipe the blood from thy hands, and the few that will yet hear, will come in.

And behold, I will sent My Son, and the Lord Whom you seek, will suddenly come
into His temple. He will keep His people through the storm, the flood and the fire.
This is the time of Jacob?s trouble and you must have the mark of God and not the
mark of the beast. In the time of Jacob?s trouble, it is a time like there has never
been on the face of the earth and shall never be again. Yea, these are the days
of My vengeance and the days of My wrath, saith God, the days of My strange
work, when I shall do signs in the earth beneath, and wonders in the heavens
above. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood!

Know, and cry aloud, that this is the time of the Great Tribulation, and the effect of
every vision is now at hand. ka. Blow the shofar, set the trumpet to thy mouth
and sound the alarm, cry aloud and spare not. Continue to seek My face, for thou
hast found grace and favor as thou hast sought Me in thy prayer closet, as thou
has sought Me in the morning and all day long. Yea, the prayers of My people have
come up to Me as a sweet-smelling savour. Be prepared, be ready, and beware
of the snares, lies, and strong delusions. Do not be slack and pay more close
attention then ever to the certain sound, and clear direction of My Word. Do not
be slack in prayer and stay IN My Word. My people are FEW of the many who
honor me with their mouth but who are far from me in their heart. Though thou
be few among many, even as a lone sparrow on the rooftop, STAND in the power
of My Spirit. Stand in truth. Be known that you are my disciple by your love and
not by feigned affection. Pick up the sword of the Spirit and touch NOT the
carnal weapons, and go NOT in the way of rebellion. Though there be few
stand in the gap and make up the hedge. It is for your sake that I have withheld
the judgment to this city. For Judgment is determined and set against this city
and this nation, saith God! But I have heard thy cries. I have seen thy tears and
thy travail and thy weeping, saith the Lord your God.

As Lot, the few righteous souls are vexed daily. Reach out to your neighbors as
did Lot to warn to flee from the Judgment that is set. Yea, be as Lot, and run to
the doors of your loved ones, and tell them that in not many days hence, the
Lord thy God shall bring destruction against this city and against this nation! And
except they repent and be ready, they will be caught in the destruction, and will
die in their sins, and will go where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of

Oh, Hear! Hear! Hear what the Spirit has to say unto the Church! Hear, My little
ones! Hear My voice! Speak with holy boldness by My Spirit and speak the
message of Judgment. Warn this city, and this nation that the Judgment is set,
the days will no longer be prolonged, and the effect of every vision is NOW at hand.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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