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 Do you know of any good/great free Christian resources in any general topic!!?

I saw a post once on SI about good websites, but this is more about resources. It can be anything like practical survival information, news, and so on. I would really like to hear from you because I would like to know of more resources of course and also just think it would be good to get the word out. I know of some sites that have really great stuff and for free, but am sure there is a lot more. I'll list here a couple that I know of off the top of my head. Also, they may not have to be free and could just be really good but hopefully at a reasonable price THANKS! and it doesnt just have to be website I know of one place that mails great bumper stickers so it can be vary general maybe even free Christian lawyers for preachers or something.





youtube and other like that and christian replicas




oh and I think cyberhymnal and hopefully one post will bring up other ideas and it will grow...

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 Re: Do you know of any good/great free Christian resources in any general topic!!?

Awesome i know a few, but i recommend go on to google to look these up, so you don't get stuck anywhere.
Open to his word ministries by aaron thibault:

2. granted ministries: their our a few of them with the same name, so i recommend looking for where it says free cds

3. paris reidhead bible teaching ministries

4. free cd tracts

5.mount zion chapel library

All of these our awesome and godly sites with free cds, dvds, and tracts and books and pamphlets and magazines, under granted ministries you will have to click on the pdf file to see what they have. mount zion you will have to go to paperback downloads to or just follow directions or search the site till you find how to. Also i would like to say that their our 2 books worth looking at brother that our free on the internet tortured for christ by richard wurmbrand or something like that, also k.p yohannan revolution for world missions.
lastly i recommend contacting ravi zacharias ministries through email or phone contact and asking for his free jesus cd, awesome powerful one. They will send it to you, his site is, their is some controversy over him not doing certain things at the national day of prayer and at the mormon tabernacle but he is one of our top apologetic speakers out their and has blessed many so i recommend him, i wouldn't listen to those who say not listen to him, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of god and ravi has apologized.

John Beechy

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 Re: Do you know of any good/great free Christian resources in any general topic!!?

A few good sources here:

[]Herald of his coming[/url] - excellent free Christian newspaper

[]Spurgeon Archive[/url] - vast archive containing the works of C.H. Spurgeon

[]Open His Word[/url] - excellent website offering free CD's and DVD's of Christian music and preaching.

Darren Broadhurst

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All of John McArthur's sermons are now available for free on his website. They are organized several different ways... by year, by topic, by series... very excellent stuff, but struggle with some of the reformed theology myself. It's not hyper-Calvinism, and he may be right on... I may just need to adjust my thinking. Not sure yet. (I like what Paul Washer once said: "I'm more of a 5-point Spurgeonist")


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 Re: Do you know of any good/great free Christian resources in any general topic!!?

Chuck Missler's is a vast compendium for almost every need I have in bible research--e-Hebrew/Greek lexicons, concordances, bible dictionaries, multiple text and audio commentaries of the greats of every verse, study tools, maps and other images, all the bible versions/translations, daily devotionals, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge; helps to scripture difficulties among other research helps.

I use it almost daily the past ten years and the staff there have done an outstanding job for the body of Christ.

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I use [url=]BibleGateway[/url] nearly everyday. It is a great parallel Bible resource...allowing users to check more than [url=]75 different translations/versions[/url] of the Scriptures from more than 35 languages. This website also contains [url=]other resources[/url], such as dictionaries, commentaries, ebooks, audio Bibles, and various study tools.

I typically use this in addition to reading my hard copy "paper book" versions of Scripture as well as the Blue Letter Bible and Strong's Concordance (usually accessed [url=]HERE at Eliyah[/url]).



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[url=]bible topics[/url] is a good one.

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And the best commentary of the Scriptures is the Scriptures itself! Allow it to teach you by comparing Scripture with Scripture....and you will eventually be able to spot deception when it rears its head: it won't be an ugly one but a beautiful one, usually, very attractive. And therein resides its poison.


Sandra Miller

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