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 Faith Like Potatoes


My wife and I recently enjoyed a lovely film entitled [i]Faith Like Potatoes[/i]. The film accounts the story of Angus Buchan and his young family, who immigrated to work as farmers in South Africa. The movie details his conversion to Christ and his attempt to work for the Lord afterward. My wife and I really enjoyed this film quite a bit.

Has anyone else seen it? Has anyone else heard of Angush Buchan?



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 Re: Faith Like Potatoes

I saw most of it too, a little with my wife, i thought it was o.k, i enjoyed fireproof a little more even though it was a different type of movie. I personally don't care for movies much, i just find acting o be kinda of just fake but i wasn't like that before. But i have heard many good things about the movie brother, at the christian family store it was promoted very much and people were telling me it was good.So two thumbs up.

John Beechy

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 Re: Faith Like Potatoes

FIREPROOF was awesome.... but FAITH LIKE POTATOES is awesome too. They both do a great job displaying the transforming power of God in the heart of a man willing to surrender his life to God.

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 Re: Faith Like Potatoes

Yes, I bought Faith Like Potatoes and watched it with family...enjoyed this movie very much.

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 Re: Faith Like Potatoes

Angus Buchan is a South African farmer with a simple faith in God. God has used him in many miraculous ways. I have had the privilege of meeting with him and spending time praying with him and found him a very warm and genuine man. For anyone in England you might be interested to know that he is ministering there at a father and sons weekend on 12-14th June 2009. Details can be found at

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