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 The Sin Problem with Hidden Women

There is no problem with women being the housewife, etc. However, it focuses too much on the natural body parts of a man. How will God turn the Word and the Gospel around to focus on a HUMAN man? Men are to be rebuked too, are they so proud that they think that they are God? The objective of a relationship is not to focus on a man. This is just creating dominant men who need their wives to feed their ego and pride. She must be respectful of the man's soul. Since the spiritual Jesus is never alone, being a help-meet refers to the below scripture. He does it mostly in us and we just simply take his side, which is the life of holiness and being perfect as the sinless God. We do not believe in a man; we believe in God. It's not all about the man, only God. This appears to be some manipulation and social control with the terms of the MAN. There should be submission to each other and rebuke/Biblical truth with prayer.

Ephesians 5:21
Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.

Matthew 3:8
Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance:

First Adam
LAST Adam-Jesus Christ

First Eve
LAST Eve-the Church, the Body of Christ

The last Adam is not the men of today-godly or not. Physical men are not God. It is the spiritual Man, Christ, that is the focus.

1 Timothy 2:14
And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

This can be spiritually seen as the last Adam, Jesus Christ, was not deceived. THE BODY OF CHRIST is being deceived, not Christ. Do men think that they are so immune to sin and deception? Most false prophets today are physical men.

 2009/5/20 19:48

 Re: The Sin Problem with Hidden Women

Sexism in the church!

 2009/5/24 15:10

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i agree with you repentperish...I have found that there is some of that where legalism is among the church...however, there is a pendulum swing back and forth between domination of the man or the woman(feminism). walk in the spirit, and you will not fulfill the lusts of flesh.

Jesus was a lover to women, not at all dominating whatsoever. he understood and loved them. Where the Pharisees rebuked the woman that cried over Jesus' feet, Jesus loved on her and forgave her, because she knew her sins were many.

The Lord bless you. :) Keep seeking, the truth will set you free!


 2009/5/24 15:35Profile


Dear repentperish:

The husband is the family priest, and the wife and family are protected by his “covering”.

When God set up the Jewish Sacrificial system, only the tribe of Levi was allowed to be Priests (first at the Tabernacle, and then later at the Temple). Only Levite men were allowed to be Priests, not women.

In the Old Testament, God only allowed the husband, the family priest, the father, to offer sacrifices at the Tabernacle, and later the Temple--- for his own sins, and those of his entire family. His entire family was under the father’s “covering”. If the daughter was divorced by her husband, she came home to live with her father, so that he would be her covering, and offer sacrifices for he sin at the Temple.

Why is this? Because Eve was deceived by Satan, and Adam was not:

1st Timothy chapter 2 reveals to us that Eve was deceived by Satan and his twisting of God’s Word, while Adam was not deceived. In other words, Adam knowingly sinned because he did not want to loose Eve, not because he was deceived.

13. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Today, Christian men have no understanding of their obligation to their wives and families. The man is still the family priest, and the family is still under his “covering”. The problem is, he has no clue what that even means.

Paul Washer has some very excellent teachings, on youtube, in regards to the true meaning of marriage, and what is expected of the man, that may be of help to all of us:

[url=]Paul Washer on Marriage[/url]

[url=]Marriage and the Image of Christ[/url]




repentperish wrote:
Sexism in the church!

 2009/5/24 16:03

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I agree that these teaching from Paul Washer are really worth listening to. I recommend them to anyone who is married or is thinking of getting married.


 2009/5/24 16:07Profile


Who were the Levite priests a type and shadow of-Christ... Therefore, the Bible mostly is spoken. God demands all of us to be as a royal priesthood.

I do not agree with women who insult men based on the outward appearance or things that they cannot change. For instance, if women insulted men based on their inability to take them to rich areas or gaining earthly possessions, that is wrong.

 2009/5/31 0:39


Nice message by Paul Washer. I am actually spiritually impressed with the message. The only thing wrong with it is the worldly, fleshly judgment.

You can't judge someone based on the outward appearance by calling them unpretty. It is sin to judge people based on the outward appearance because it's not Biblical judgment. That is natural, fleshly judgments based on the world's standard of beauty and physical perfection. People can say that it is the husband and wives' fault when it comes to sin. We just don't make fun of them based on things that they cannot change. We love the differences in their body and forgive for mistakes made. We also forgive the sins done as well.

 2009/5/31 19:22


Could I add another sermon recommendation?

[url=]Jesus, Women and Men by John Piper[/url]

[url=]John Piper[/url] has some excellent messages on this topic.


 2009/5/31 20:08

 Re: The Sin Problem with Hidden Women

Need strength for the journey - listen to [url=]Corrie Ten Boom[/url] because I, for one, believe we're going to need it.

 2009/5/31 21:15


Thanks for the post; I am going to look it over more thoroughly.

I don't like Paul Washer's racism and unrighteous/fleshly judgment [of the outward appearance] against 'ugly' people.

 2009/6/2 19:04

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