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MaryJane, I fully agree with all the others who have posted here. Don't close the door on us here. You can seek GOD in the secret place - look for fellowship and serve somewhere, as Nellie pointed out and still have fellowship here.
Keep this as one of the rooms you visit. :-)
Your second church, so to speak.
We'll stay in prayer with you as you pray for us and just take things as they come Sis.
One Body can't be split even if it tries to loose from a Body part - we're joined - and Do Care much and will care more as things get worse out there against us all. We need each other.
Thank you for your prayers for us.
GOD Bless and protect you both, in Jesus.

 2009/5/20 23:27

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MaryJane wrote:

I want Jesus to be my life every moment of every day. I want to learn what it means to live daily in Him, in a personal relationship with Him, not just talking about it.

You do not need to leave SermonIndex to have this - in fact, the Lord took me out of the organized church, and led me to SermonIndex, that I might find this very thing. What you have here is a collection of people that love the Lord - which means that there are many souls here that the Lord can use to send forth that which you need to know in order to be molded in His image.

Not long ago I was with someone that knows the Lord - was raised in the Lord - one of the few people I have met that understands half of what I am talking about. Sadly, even though this person has all of this understanding and knowledge (this being both head and heart knowledge as far as I can tell) this person admits that she is apathetic and has no interest in following all of the precepts that she understands. While this has me totally baffled (for to me, to know Him is to love Him) something happen while I was with her that scared me - I found myself thinking that maybe I could just slide by like her and the Lord would still love me. The fact that I even thought this for a moment has brought great horror to my heart and as a result I have set about to put an even greater watch upon my heart.

While this person that talked with you might have had good intentions, beware of taking counsel of any man. Seek only the Lord and set a watch upon your heart lest you be lured away from that which you already possess.

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 Mary Jane

Dear sister ...

Perhaps just a break, a sabbatical of sorts?

I certainly understand one way or the other, have been going through a number of changes this year and have backed off a lot of participation.

I guess I just want to say that you are loved and always welcomed.

Mike Balog

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Just want to say good bye and wish you all well


Please do not delete your account; just leave it on hold for a bit ok. Please consider about throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak!! LOL Don't throw us out while you seek a church!

MaryJane wrote:
I was told that I have been substituting real fellowship with my time here on sermon index.

It is not my intention to disrepect this friend but obviously she/he does not understand SermonIndex! Nor have they been here and partook! From that perspective alone, please consider their statement as only "1/2" knowledgeable!

MaryJane wrote:
ight now I don't know where we will end up, both my husband and myself are not big on the idea of going back to any of the churches around us and yet I don't want to be in sin for forsaking fellowship with the brethren.

When I lived in Ohio, I drove 1 and a half hours ONE WAY to church! And one way back home. Sunday was a long day but I loved it. I got my soul fed and I grew mightity in the Lord.

How far would you drive for what the Lord has for you?

And for the rest of us who do not go to church.... look what has been written ...


however, I would also suggest that if all the churches around you are apostate, going there would be much worse.

but it would be better than sitting in a Church that believes and teaches false doctrine. Pretty soon, if you go to Churches that believe the way Rick Warren does, there is a possibility you might get caught up in it.

I do not go to church but we cannot lump every church into the apostate bucket. Who made us believe the lie that we had to agree with 100% of everything a church taught? Iron sharpens iron. THAT is biblical!

The Lord has been working on me here and there, that "I" (we) need to not forget that each of us need encouragement, fellowship and [b]correction[/b], as well as mentors.

Or better yet; we can offer encouragement, fellowship, correction and be a mentor! I know it's a new mindset but I believe it is one we need to consider.

Let us seek God about all these so we may grow AS HE WANTS US to!!

1 Corinth 9:27 and 1 Timothy 4:16.

MaryJane, do you have a local womens jail or prison? I was thinking along the lines of what Nellie posted as well!

God bless you in whatever you choose to do as you follow the Lord!!


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 Re: Just want to say good bye and wish you all well


I will pray right now that God would start a church in your area where you can worship with like-minded believers who do not compromise the truth or diminish the glory of Christ and His cross.

Be diligent to test every spirit. Be certain that it is God calling you away from this forum. Be certain of His calling to the body where you will corporately worship. I praise God for His encouragements through many on this forum. SI is a form of assembly, yet not a substitute for our physical gathering together with the body of Christ.

Let us not forget the importance even in the days of the early church of written correspondence. God breathed and He spoke through Paul as he wrote epistles from dank prison cells.

May God bless and keep you and your family.

(Edited for clarification.)

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Thank you all again for your support and what you have shared here. I do have much to think about. I have been seeking over the past few days to learn what fellowship with one another is. I know that for me at least coming here and sharing, praying and learning from many of you has really been a blessing to me. I have been challenged many times by the truth filled teaching shared here and I pray Father will continue to bless this site mightily.

I am seeking Him and praying about everything that you all have shared with me over the last few days. I know what Ginnyrose shared is so true, Father does not bring confusion. I know that some have said that meeting together on this forum can never be true fellowship but all I can say to that is I have really for the very first time felt like a part of the church family by sharing and hearing from you. I know if I follow the Lord in this, He will guide me to where and what He has for me.

God Bless you all and please know that I will be praying for you to:-)

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I commend your decision to seek real life church fellowship. I think there are probably others on SI who need to do the same. We need to realize that there is not a single example of the Bible of a Christian who was not a member of a visible, local church. So, if we want to be thoroughly Biblical in our lifestyle, we must do the same.

Have you checked the church directory on ? Usually the churches on this directory are serious about the things of God.

You may also be interested in looking through this church directory:

May the Lord bless you as you seek to obey Him in seeking local fellowship. The real accountability and transparency it can bring cannot be substituted for on the Internet.

With care in Christ,

Taylor Otwell

 2009/5/22 12:37Profile


yet I don't want to be in sin for forsaking fellowship with the brethren

Sister, I can assure you that your not forsaking the assembling. Many a clergyman have misused this verse and brought much condemnation on the body of Christ so that they can keep their numbers instead of telling them the truth. "Where two or three are gathered in my name there I am in the midst". You had said that you are fellow shipping with your husband and others that is not forsaking.

What people were doing in those day of Paul, they were forsaking the body of of Christ altogether and returning to law. "As the manner of some is". It had nothing to do with skipping a church meeting.

Today that admonishment is expressed to those that are doing the same thing. Those who want to set up their own laws of righteousness while still clinging on to Jesus.

No, free yourself from this mindset. If God has used Sermonindex to nurture you and you have fellowship with a few in your home or theirs, your doing VERY well. In the beginning, the breaking of bread and fellowship was from house to house, there were no great cathedrals or Mega Pentecostal churches to attend with their spires that reach the sky. People just loved the LORD, and that is what your doing.

Be Blessed!

 2009/5/22 12:49

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There is no need to say good-bye. This is not a church, just an excellent resource with some dear saints far apart that may rarely ever be in fellowship. Some folk may mistake our forum for a church. We have no elders, cannot break bread, and cannot live interdependently as a church can. I understand your need to seek for a real fellowhip and too much time on the internet (yes even SI) can even be a hinderance.
Inasmuch you need real fellowhip, have you considered that for many folk you may be one of the few real saints that can point them towards the true salvation for their souls? Imagine you can snatch a handful of out of their false religios experience show the light of Jesus to them - Would not all heaven rejoice and a multitude of sins covered?
Real fellowship in the Spirit with real Christian is a rare luxury nowadays. I am under the same tension, wanting to leave my current fellowship and for the sake of forming a house fellowship or sticking it out for good in our local church.

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 Re: Fellowship

This turned out to be much too long for a pm (personal message) to you MaryJane.

The fellowship where I worship is a "mixed multitude". At times it is like being a missionary. For example: I will be using your post on this thread on the "seeker friendly" delusion as a testimony to some very groogy (if not asleep) members. People do leave churches that head that way.

Several years ago I was very discouraged. My brother and I offered "The Truth Project". The response was staggering (60+ with 30 completing the tours and 15 studying the material 2 and 3 times since then with a focus on the scripture). More recently there has been the response to weekly “Encouragements to prayer” [a few are posted here on SI].

Have you considered a bible study in your home? Among all that attend these sleeper cells near you, are there NO like-minded, starving ones?

Do you have a Bible Study Fellowship near you (google them for locations) Men study separate from women and there are classes for all aged children (age 2 through high school). All classes study the same material (!) which is a great opportunity for the family alter. We just finished the Life of Moses (Exodus through Deut.). John begins in September.

[u]Remember Eph 2: 10! That is certain[/u]. And one tiny thing I saw (in His Word and in life) this year was that no one (nothing) can steal from His what God has called us to. [See Miriam (Numb.12) and Cora (Numb. 16).] What a blessing Ephesians is as you seek His direction!

Made for His pleasure

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