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 ‘Good as New' worst trendy Bible yet?


After Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, he saw ‘‘the Spirit descending upon him like a dove; and a voice came from heaven, ‘Thou art my beloved Son; with thee I am well pleased''' (Mark 1:10-11, Revised Standard Version).

Compare that with this new translation:

‘‘A pigeon flew down and perched on him. Jesus took this as a sign that God's Spirit was with him. A voice from overhead was heard saying, ‘That's my boy!'''

There are many such chatty or doctrinally denuded passages in ‘‘Good as New: A Radical Retelling of the Scriptures'' (O Books), an exceedingly loose New Testament paraphrase by Britain's John Henson, a fundamentalist-hating Baptist.

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 Re: ‘Good as New' worst trendy Bible yet?

[laughs] Wow... nice! I guess I shouldn't laugh. It's just "fundamentalist-hating Baptist" sounds funny. And what's a pigeon compared to a dove?!

Yes, things can get lost in translation.

Yolanda Fields

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