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you are not you say to be, I know where you come from, and where you are going, unless you turn.

 2009/5/29 1:45


I'm going to make a prediction, you will not be long for this forum.

 2009/5/29 1:50



KingJimmy wrote:
I've risked my life for the sake of the gospel, and even lost a fiance over it. Believe me, you and whatever understanding you have is the least of my fears.

You poor man. Jesus gave His life. All of the Apostles save one, died a martyrs death.

I'm saddened you and Vadar would attempt to provoke others in such a carnal nature. I pray you truly find God.

Since we should provoke one another to dig deeper into the word of God and nothing more, please explain what you mean by that because my replies have been above reproach and central entirely to that challenge. Perhaps it is the substance of my replies you disagree with. Argue that out with yourself instead of presenting ad hominen remarks. Natan4Jesus should take this to heart as well.

Please leave the forums until you do.

If and when the Moderators feel I have violated the rules, I am sure they will remove me. In the meantime, why not you and anyone else, stick to addressing the title of this thread instead of making personal attacks based upon what you believe my motives are? I would like to assure everyone that they are Godward. . .Ken

 2009/5/29 5:01

Joined: 2009/1/21
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Locport, Illinois


You know i know i am a wicked man myself and have no right i guess to point fingers when i look at my awful, selfish,prideful, self but the words of unkindness and gentleness and truth in love our not being spoken, i believing in speaking the truth but the words coming out by some in truth our from vengeful intentions it seems. I would like to make this clear armenians, calvinists have their own iterpretation of scripture just like we all have our own too, too point the finger solely as them being the problem is wrong when we can all see that they make their points from where they see scripture just like us giving our own interpretation on scripture. The Bible teaches the depravity of man, the father choosing the sheep as seen in john's gospel 10 chapter, irrestible grace would be the fact that it is all Gods doing in salvation ich we respond because of his holy spirit, and perserverance of the saints is taught too, their our verses that can fit with all of them but i know people disagree but their our verses and chapters on them. May our intentions be right brothers because we either serve the lord or we don't.Godliness is gain, overcome evil with good, without love you do not profit anything.

John Beechy

 2009/5/29 5:16Profile



bible4life wrote:
You know i know i am a wicked man myself and have no right i guess to point fingers when i look at my awful, selfish,prideful,

Lets take just this portion and explain how it is that you, who I guess, considers himself to be born again; has the the Holy Ghost living inside you, are still a wicked man?

 2009/5/29 5:24

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Charlotte, NC


Moderators: Please lock this thread and ban Intense/Omry.

Jimmy H

 2009/5/29 6:22Profile



KingJimmy wrote:
Moderators: Please lock this thread and ban Intense/Omry.

Why are you posting on my thread, expressing such insecurity, KingJimmy? Why the persecution? Why not just ignore my thread, move on and allow others who might have something to say constructive, say it without your distractions? Do you believe you are being fair to me? You certainly aren't being fair to them.

 2009/5/29 7:21

Joined: 2008/10/27
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I will answer your question, yes I a m born again. I am praying for you Ken, you come to the forum to cause strife . Your words prove this to be true. Your post are more like demands or interagations designed to pick fights and problems. This is not the Christ like loving heart we are to have with one another. I pray you will seek God and repent. The hardness of your heart is clear, I pray you will no longer be deceived and that the attitudes you have been walking in will be repented of. Perhaps taking some time to reflect on the love we are called to have for one another might be a better way for you to spend your time inside of creating post after post that only served to greive the Lord whom you claim to profess.

Praying for you still to turn from this pride an arrogance you have displayed here

 2009/5/29 9:57Profile


A lot of accusations, young lady. How about some specifics. Where is the hardness of my heart displayed? Where am I picking fights? What words of mine prove what you say to be true? What post can you point to where I haven't displayed brotherly kindness? In what in my writings, grieves the Lord? Indeed my brotherly kindnesses have been looked upon as anger, hatefulness, arrogance, "bitter with myself" and much of other moods however, I ask you to point to one. Have I accused anyone. Have I attacked anyone? Where is the offense in my words? Have I personally addressed you in any threads? Can you do that? Can you offer up some specifics? Thank you.

 2009/5/29 10:10


I started this thread by asking this question:

Does Christ, the "Word", share your body?

I find it is a sad commentary that so-called Christians who proclaim the born again experience have no idea about who it is that indwells them. Instead of addressing the question to perhaps realize a fresh perspective of the privilege in Christ as a direct result of His indwelling, have taken to argue over to refute any possibility of the issue of divinity being in them even though it is new birth "from above" they embrace. They have rather believed I am declaring, we are divine. Where that is in the thread or any of my posts that infers that, can't be found and yet the accusations persist. Baffling to me the reason I am to made to be saying that when I have refuted it many times.

If as it seems, no one, for reasons I won't guess at, wishes to discuss the thread then I would ask the Mod's to lock it down. This other stuff is pointless. . .no ridiculous. . . .Ken

 2009/5/29 10:28

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