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 The Bible is being taught in High School in the US

I saw this posted by someone on another forum and thought I'd share. I was not really aware that you could do this and seems interesting. What do you think?

We got the Bible back into our public high school in California as a form of curriculum! The curriculum is called, "The Bible in History and Literature" it uses the BIBLE as the text book, . This particular curriculum is for 12th graders.

There is another one that is for 10th thru 12th graders , these curriculums are already in hundreds of PUBLIC high schools. These ministries provide resources to assist the leader that head up spearheading this endeavor.

I worked with the leaders of the Bible Club, we needed 300 signatures so that when we went before the school board, we could show overall support. I had the leaders gather together other youth and they stood at the entrances of there high school and took signatures for the petition, we had all the signatures in one morning. As the youth worked together, I worked within the community with the conservatives and ministerial association and got signatures and raised awareness. Almost the entire police department signed the petition. By the time we were done we had over five hundred signatures.

Anyone can do this. I pray you would have the courage to get actively involved.

At first there was resistance because a lot of the Christian community are duped into thinking that it is not legal, they are listening to the media and not educating themselves with true information. So I put together packets of information that was provided for me to do this and highlighted the primary areas of information that were the most regularly misunderstood or were there seemed to be misguided.

I made myself available to the community to answer questions and directed them to recourses to assist those who desire to do the same.


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Joined: 2009/1/16
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 Re: The Bible is being taught in High School in the US


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I'm not a regular here; does anyone know what anonymity means by "bump"?

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Don't know what he meant but on other forums on which I participate we 'bump' a thread if we want to bring it back to the front of the list and to keep it in focus. It normally is done when one is in agreement and wants to double the original emphasis.

I hope that is what he meant but that is how I construed it.

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