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 "The Road"

to me, its always interesting on how current literature reflects the times:

[url=]The Road---trailer[/url]

Esquire magazine reviewed it and called it the "most important film of the year"

[url=]"The Road"--review[/url]

and when I was traveling back to be with my son and the family this Christmas, I stupidly bought a copy of the novel,at the airport, though my son's mother, who knows me better than anybody, warned me, "neily, you can't read that book, I'd advise against it". I made it thru 15 pages in the terminal before I had to put it down, simply because of the boy.

My son, is so dear to my heart, that the thought of any pain afflicting him, hunger, want, torment etc, turns me into a murderous avenger.

and then I reflect on the Heart of God, watching His Son suffering as such on the Tree. What must have been going thru God's Heart? HIS ONLY SON!!!! Our God is a "consuming fire", how He must have held back His Rage, but His Love overruled to save a dead and dying world, Yahweh's sacrifice, it's a mystery and a gift to ponder and meditate.

Anyway, I arrived home, and my boy saw this book in my kit, and asked me if I was done reading it, I told him my "15 page story", he laughed and asked if he could have a go at it. I warned him, "its pretty grim", he shrugged and devoured it in two days. I asked him what he thought. "its good"...I asked him, how did you feel? It was good, he said. I left it at that, except to tell him, "Now do you see why Daddy tells you what I tell you?"...he nodded, smiled and said "yep".

This boy, 13, at his request, has been accepted into one of the nations elite military academy's, on his way to his dream of attending Annapolis, and becoming a naval aviator. He's a God fearing young man, well saved, and with a simple unshakeable Faith. I'm very proud of him. (forgive me if I wrote this before, but he is one of my principal ministries)


 2009/5/15 4:59

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