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 Re: GinnyRose

God bless you, Neil. The reality is that regardless one's position on end-times, God will do as HE pleases: He will not be consulting any human book for directions, instructions on how to do His thing!

I, for one, do not enjoy debating eschatology. I think it is an act of futility. I love to read Revelation, using the comprehension skills learned in grade school, and with the aid of the Holy Spirit I find it very fascinating, hence my reluctance in debating it. So, if one disagrees, that is OK - it just might be that someone else may see something I missed and this little insight may trigger another inspiring insight.


Sandra Miller

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I understand that Hawaii has just made or is in the process of making an islamic holiday for that state and that they are in the process of removing all outward christian symbols like the cross. Sign of things to come?


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 in my "Daily Text"

that I recieve daily in my email from the Moravian's, I was blessed with this precious bit of Scripture(and prayer):

"You shall love the alien as yourself. Leviticus 19:34

May the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all. 1
Thessalonians 3:12

God of boundless love, you have shown us how to care for others, regardless of
differences. As your followers, show us the path to offering Christ-like love in
our communities. Amen."

"Slice" that how any of you may, but He was speaking to my heart, specifically in regards to the onus of this thread.

in Jesus' love, neil

 2009/5/12 13:26

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 Militant, Nominal, or Forced, is it really a threat?

I have heard the statistics many times before.

This is a well done and interesting video.

I think though that there are questions as to whether this is a really large threat. Are they fundamental orthodox militant Muslims or just nominal or are they only saying they are Muslims for safety. I mean many are born into it and please there families or their country or they are forced into it or killed or at least restricted from college and other things. What are your thoughts can you prove that these masses of Muslims on a large enough scale to persuade are militant or nominal? Maybe it can be said that most nations that have become Islamic have at some point later on become militant I don't know... I think I might also say that Catholicism has many numbers and has in the past been militant as so Hinduism and others and they are large and is there a real pressing threat at this point? Are we just puffing up the threat of Islam?

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