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 Pride from within me....

i never noticed it but i was really proud. i was really stuck up. i thought i was something. i faked being humble by saying the right words. but that was all they were to me; words.

but the last few months were just terrable. and i couldn't figure out why everything was falling apart. i mean here i was being a jerk and whenever i tried to talk to someone about God i would offened them and sound like i thought i was better than them.

then i got grounded from Church on wed (dont ask, long story) and then i relized that my relation with a few of my friends were deteriorationg (sorry i cannot spell right now) and while all of that was happening i wasn't visiting this site that much, then i just randomly check it and someone sent me a message about how condecending i sounded on a few of my posts on the threads.... that did upset me... but if it didn't upset me then it never would have hit me.

later on that night when i was praying i was asking for God to revile to me all of the mess from within me. and i just knew... i was to stuck up. WAY to stuck up. i thought i was really really good at composing and ect. and i thoght i knew enough about the bible to make it through, and it turns out that i was too concerned with the end times and not the love Jesus has for us.

so now i am praying for God to help humble me and show me when i am acting and being stuck up. and it is working! praise JESUS!


praise the amazing God we have!

in the name we all really love to say; JESUS!

ps i wont post on here as much because i am really busy...


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 Re: Pride from within me....

A hint of pride does alot of damage,and unless you die daily to this monster,it will be back.

john carrico

 2009/4/29 7:32Profile

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