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thanks for your posts, participation, and testimony. You have all made some very good points. It seems though there have been only a few responses so far that the general consensus of the saints is that we are at least in general late in the last days as oppose to last age.

I think that it would be interesting to make a list of all the reasons we are in the last days.

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Joined: 2009/1/16
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Remember that Judas was called the son of perdition. The man of sin found in 2nd Thessalonians is also called the son of perdition, they will likely share some of the same traits.

some things you said especially struck me.

I did not feel your post was super long, but only a page or so.

I am thankful that there are saints out there doing their spiritual homework with skill.

I think that the more this day draws near the more "wisdom" God will greatly give on this issue. Specifically the identification of the anti Christ as even it seems some things have been opened up here.

This is an interesting statement you make here. Jesus once asked Paul why do you persecute me. In the same way He is betrayed like in the case of Judas when we are betrayed. So, it would be more then one instance but instead the whole body. As it is written we are called to persecution and so it will be in the last days that we will all take up our cross. It would seem that this would be tied into the apostasy in the last days in line with anti Christ. There is much to think about.

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 Re: Poll: Are we in the last days!?

We are in a type of last days, not the thee last days as it was for the Jews some 2000 years ago. We are in the last days perhaps for the United States of America. A super power being extinguished can be for all the "last days" as judgements and other notable characteristics when a nation is crumbling. If saints were to study the bible and Daniels 70 weeks they wouldn't come up with fairy tale conclusions that many follow today.

 2009/4/30 23:36

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We are closer to the last days/end days today then we were yesterday.

This is my response to those that ask me. Usually ends that conversation of "when?"


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