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It certainly is apart of the downfall of America. I remember a prophetic utterance back in 1989 that said, "Because they will accept homosexuality, and pass laws to make it all right, I will send a plague amongst them that will be worse than the AIDS virus. Scientist will not be able to stay on top of it, for just when they think they got the solution a new strain will develop." Regarding the people of God, the message went on to say, "but my people will not be affected, those who stand for the truth of my word".

Whether this is the virus that the message was referring to, I do not know. But I do know that certain American states is accepting gay marriages and passing laws making it all right. The sad thing is that good living people will die because of America's backwardness.

 2009/5/2 17:03

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Gay Marriage?

How about hypocrisy in the church... an epidemic of greed, materialism, addiction to pornography, pride and a lack of the fear of God.

Lets stop laying the blame on others, take the mote out of your own eye (or your church's) before blaming the homosexual community. I'm sure a lot of "Christians" are going to be in for a surprise when this is all over with.

Ian Smith

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It appears to me that the powers of darkness are trying to scare us into seeking "treatment" - trying to cause us to fear so that we run to something other than the Lord Jesus to be our saviour.

HeartSong, You make a point that has been nagging at my conscience for a long time. The point is: why spend thousands of dollars for dubious treatment for ills that may not respond to treatment? Or, if it would, is it a wise expenditure of funds? Where is God in all this mix? These questions dog me, nag at me and I still wonder: if God wants me healthy, is he not able to assist me in this process? I am going to die sometime, this is a promise. If my soul is right with the LORD why fight it so bad? Having said all this I am not critical of those who pursue expensive medical treatment - hey, my cousin just had a heart transplant yesterday and I do pray for him. But I wonder....

What say, HeartSong or anyone else?


Sandra Miller

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What say, HeartSong . . .

Yesterday I was baking cookies. I am not a good cook so I have to think about every step. After I took the last batch of cookies off of the cookie sheet I picked up the pan and put it in the dishwater. When I went to let go of the pan, it kind of stuck to my hand and I remembered that I had just taken it out of the oven. Horrified I put an ice cube in my hand and prayed. When I examined my hand it was bright red from the tip of my middle finger all the way down to the palm of my hand and it had a slightly whitish twinge.

By last night my hand was completely healed. No blisters and not even any redness. Just a slight sensitivity that causes me to praise Him every time I think of what He did. I am just beside myself at the way He healed my hand - I keep staring at it and praising Him.

Our Lord watches over all of our steps and will protect us to the same degree that we have faith the He is both willing and able. It is no difficulty for our Lord to heal that which He has created. It is only our lack of faith that stands in the way.

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 Re: Swine Flu =/

We'll be praying for Miguel, you and your whole family. And please, keep us informed as to Miguel's progress. God's blessing's to you.


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