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 UK email database to be privatised

'Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has ditched plans for a giant [b][i]Government[/i][/b] database [u]tracking all emails, phone calls and internet activity[/u].

Ms Smith said a central store of electronic data was an "extreme" solution and would have undermined privacy.

[b]Records of every electronic communication made by Britons [u]will instead be held by private companies[/u] at a cost of around £2 billion.

Internet firms will be asked to collect and store vast amounts of data, including from social networking sites such as Facebook[/b].

Launching the proposals, Ms Smith acknowledged concerns over privacy....'


Read more - [url=]Climbdown over email database plan[/url]

How much of a 'climbdown' is this?

 2009/4/27 9:34

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