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[b]I've seen this type Scripture pulling, mixing and twisting on this topic before and I won't address it again.
To me it borders on blasphemy.
I leave you to your long held beliefs Pandora.

I pray this thread go as GOD Himself had intended.[/b]

 2009/9/14 16:14

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"Unlike Any Other Economy In The Middle East.
Israel Has Exibited
Impressive Growth Over The Years.
By Way 0f Comparison?
Israel's Per-Capta Gross Domestic Production IS:

- 14 Times Larger Than Egypt's
- 10 Times Bigger Than Jordan's
- 2.5 Times Greater Than Saudi Arbia's
Even With The Saudi's Large Oil Reserves."

[The Washington Post (2003)]

"Because 0f The Growing Population 0f Israel.
Even More Water Is Needed For Accomadations.
Dwindling Water Supply 0f Crops
Is Giving Way To Israel's
Increasing Dependence 0f Imports."

[Israel News (2009)]

"And the merchants of the earth
will weep and mourn over her for
no one buys their merchantdise anymore."


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~ Sea 0f Peoples ~

"..a beast
Rising out of The Sea.." - Rev.13:1

- Looking at the globe
to the different bodies of Waters
which are over in The Middle East.
In and around Jerusalem Israel,
Muslim Nations and Others?

It's easy to see why
The Prince 0f Tyre would say:
"I am a god, I sit in the seat of gods
in The Midst 0f The Seas" - Ez.28:2

- The Black Sea Is Above Turkey
Throne 0f Satan-Rev.2:12,13)

- The Mediterranean Sea Is At
The Bottom Side 0f Turkey.

- The Mediterranean Sea
Is Above Libia
and Egypt
and At The Side 0f Syria,
Jordan and Israel.

- The Aegean Sea
Is At The Upper Side 0f Turkey
Between Greece and Turkey.

- The Dead Sea Is Between Jordan
and Israel.

- The Red Sea
Is At The Side 0f Egypt,
and Sudan,
and Saudi Arabia
and Yemen.

- The Indian Ocean
Is At The Bottom 0f Yemen,
Omen and Somalia.

- The Gulf 0f Omen
Is At The Side 0f Omen,
and Kuwait
and The Other Side 0f Saudi Arabia
and The Side 0f Pakistan
and The Side 0f Iran
and At The Bottom 0f Iraq.

- The Caspian Sea
Is At The Top 0f Iran
and The Side 0f Turkmenistan.

~ As So, Why Would Jerusalem Israel
Be The Greatest City Among
All These Nations 0f The Seas?

Because God told about a
Virgin Daughter 0f Babylon.
She claims her Redeemer Is
The Holy One 0f Israel. - Is.47:4
God Said No Longer Will She Be Called
"The Lady 0f Kingdoms" - Is.47:1,5

Jerusalem whom He Crowned.
Jerusalem which Succeeded To Royalty.

"The Waters which you saw
Where The (City) Woman Sits Are Peoples,
Multitudes, Nations and Tongues."

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~ Amorites is synonymous
for Canaanites. - Gen.10:16

"Abram is an Amorite name".

"Hittites were included among the peoples dwelling from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates. The Region Promised To Abraham."

Abram coming from Ur of The Chaldeans.
Before the Chaldeans dominated Babylonia.
"The term Chaldean became symonymous
with the term Babyloian."

[the fact that astrology and magic flourished in Chaldea having to do astrology and cult lore.']

"The Chaldeans are first mentioned
in secular literature in the annals of
The Assyrian King Ashurnasirpal II
reigning from 884/883 to 885 B.C."

"Earlier Documents refer to
the same area as THE SEA LANDS"

"Hittites also occupied the Land of Canaan while the Israelites were in Egypt. They were among the people who had to be driven out when Israel conquered Canaan under Joshua."

Jerusalem's birth & nativity
are FROM the Land of Cannan.
Jerusalem's father was an Amorite.
Jerusalem's mother a Hittite.

"Shortly before 2000 B.C. The Amorite
lived in what is known today as
western Saudi Arabia and southern Syria.
Beginning at 2000 B.C. they migrated
eastward to Babylonia in large numbers."

In Isaiah 47
O (Daughter) 0f Babylon
is also The (Daughter) of The Chaldeans.

Whom was told to pass through The Rivers.

God being angry with His people
and profaned His Inheritance.

She'll no longer be called The Lady 0f Kingdoms.

Though she'll still claims
The Holy One 0f Israel as her Redeemer.
Saying she will not sit as A Widow
nor see the loss of children.

But in a moment of one day she'll see both.
For multitude of sorceries, and the great abundance of her enchantments. -

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~ Two Different Groups 0f Kings ~

In One Hour her Judgment will come. - Rev.18:10

This is the job of the 10 'One Hour As Kings' with the beast who hate the (Harlot).
It is these who will make her desolate-Rev.17:12,16

The "Kings 0f The Earth" are The Harlot's Lovers. They live with her in Luxury. They will weep and lament for her. - Rev.17:2 - 18:9

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I would ask that comments on this thread be only towards the zac poonen materials, and testimonies towards listening to specific sermons and how they blessed you.

thank you.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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~ Okay that would be interesting.

I'd like to hear about it myself.

How about you start it Greg?

 2009/9/19 10:18Profile


I notice Pandora, that you've opened a Pandora's Box here. I find your posts confusing, sister.

 2009/12/29 12:38

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This series has been a blessing to so many, including me. I am concerned that these diversions posted here only hinder the saints who would be truly blessed by this series given by Brother Poonen.

To all the saints who have not listened to this series, I implore you to take the time to do so. PLEASE do not be lead astray by these distractions by one person. They confuse needlessly. The series is long but, I assure you, you will be blessed.


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 Re: Pandora-B

~ Please Wayne, comment here how this series
has been a blessing to you and so many others?

And where is the link that I may hear too?

Thanks -

 2010/1/4 16:02Profile

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