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 MUST HEAR: From Babylon to Jerusalem by Zac Poonen (series)


The following verse-by-verse studies by Zac Poonen are a study (in that order) of the movement of God's people from Babylon (symbolizing the counterfeit church) to Jerusalem (symbolizing the true church). This series is of utmost importance in these last days. Oh for a Church that is overcoming, is pure, is strong in faith. Share these messages with others saints. To download the messages right click on the titles and choose 'save target as').

Daniel - One man takes a stand. The call to overcome.

Daniel - Part 1

Daniel - Part 2

Daniel - Part 3

Daniel - Part 4

Daniel - Part 5

Daniel - Part 6

Daniel - Part 7

Daniel - Part 8

Ezra - Building the Church. The foundation and the superstructure.

Ezra - Part 1

Ezra - Part 2

Ezra - Part 3

Ezra - Part 4

Haggai - The ministry of Prophecy: Rebuke & encouragement

Haggai - Part 1

Zechariah - Repent! Learn from the judgment of previous generations.

Zechariah - Part 1

Zechariah - Part 2

Zechariah - Part 3

Zechariah - Part 4

Zechariah - Part 5

Zechariah - Part 6

Nehemiah - Rebuilding the walls of separation

Nehemiah - Part 1

Nehemiah - Part 2

Nehemiah - Part 3

Nehemiah - Part 4

Nehemiah - Part 5

Nehemiah - Part 6

Malachi - A form of godliness, without the power

Malachi - Part 1

Malachi - Part 2

Malachi - Part 3

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 Re: MUST HEAR: From Babylon to Jerusalem (series)

May I ask, who is the series by? Thanks.

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


May I ask, who is the series by? Thanks.

Zac Poonen. I have added his name to this sorry for forgetting to do that. I personally highly recommend this series to pastors, ministry leaders and all Christians. I believe it is a very prophetic call to our generation for a pure and true Church.

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Thanks for posting this... I'm listening to the sermons now and this is a rather prophetic call for the true, overcoming Church of the last days.


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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


There is such a clear call in these teachings to overcome in these confusing days of Christendom.

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 Re: MUST HEAR: From Babylon to Jerusalem by Zac Poonen (series)

~ Hello,

I'm familar with instructions
about those who are of Babylon.

As some believe they are of:
- The Country 0f America
- New York City
- The Catholic Church
- The Apostate Church in General

I've discussed all these interpretations
on many forums for years.

And I'd to ask if anyone here has heard that 'Mystery Babylon' will be of
The Great City Jerusalem
during The Great Tribulation?


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Pandora-B wrote:

And I'd to ask if anyone here has heard that 'Mystery Babylon' will be of
The Great City Jerusalem
during The Great Tribulation?


This is Scripturally impossible - both from the O.T. prophecies and Revelation.

Six times in Revelation 18 the words "no more at all" are mentioned regarding Babylon.
The Greek for this phrase are 6 emphatic double negatives in Rev 18:14, 21, 22, 23 -

ετι et'-ee
Perhaps akin to G2094; “yet”, still (of time or degree): - after that, also, ever, (any) further, (t-) henceforth (more), hereafter, (any) longer, (any) more (-one), now, still, yet.

G3364 ου μή ou mē
oo may
That is, G3756 and G3361; a double negative strengthening the denial; not at all: - any more, at all, by any (no) means, neither, never, no (at all), in no case (wise), nor ever, not (at all, in any wise). Compare G3378.

Again, “no more at all..” ~ " Shall find them no more at all " . "Doubled-double negative with future active. As emphatic a negation as the Greek can make." {Robertsons)


Rev 19:3 And again they said, Alleluia. [b]And her smoke rose up for everH5331 and everH5331. [/b]

H5331, twice, makes this a double emphatic.

Jeremiah 50:39, 40 & 51:26, 62 plus more state that Babylon will burn forever and not be inhabited 'forever & ever.'

The point being - that Jesus returns to the Mt. of Olives and will rule from Jerusalem.
Just skimming Zechariah 14:1-21 will prove that Christ is coming to 'rescue' Jerusalem, not destroy her with fire forever & ever but will do so to Babylon for what she's done to Jerusalem/Zion.

Jer 51:24, 49 with many etc.s.

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~ Thanks for the reply,
and I agree.

You are right
it is not Jerusalem it's self.
For we see "The Beloved City"
"The Camp 0f The Saints"
during the 1,000 yrs. - Rev.20
Which will not be destroyed.

But Jerusalem's Babyloian-Harlotry
will be destroyed once and for all.

Because as "Daughter 0f The Chaldeans"
"O Virgin Daughter 0f Babylon"
God gave her "The Milstone"
of a Slave to serve out her Babyloian Harlotry.
Isaiah 47:2

Listen as she whispers without a Throne from her low place in the dust Who she claims as her 'Redeemer'. "The Holy One 0f Israel".

Jerusalem's Milstone is of Slavery
serving as a Harlot.
But Harlotry will be thrown down into the sea.
For it's better to marry than to Burn with Lust.
"True & Righteousness are His Judgments
BECAUSE He has Judged The Great Harlot"

For the Last time God will judge her Harlotry.
As The Babylonian daughter.

For she will continue to say:
"I Will Not Sit As A Widow" - Is.47:8

"I Sit As Queen I Am No Widow." - Rev.18:7

"Sit Without A Throne" - Is.47:1

"How Lonely Sits The City (Jerusalem)
how like A Widow is she". - Lam.1:1,8

Because of God' splender she was clothed in beautifiul clothes, Jewels, with a Crown 0f Royalty. But Jerusalme trusts her beauty and plays the Harlot. - Ez.16

God will give Jerusalem
her two Harlot Sisters as Daughters.
Making Jerusalem The Mother 0f Harlots. Ez.16:55,61 - Rev.17:5

It is God Who'll put The Cup in Jerusalem's Hand.
Ez.23:31-33 - Rev.17:4

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Hi Pandora, I'm afraid you've mixed "two whores" up with each other. One repents in the end - the other 'will not' repent and is utterly destroyed forever.

We know from Hosea - by who he married and the story that comes from that union, that Israel did, is & will play the harlot, but Babylon is a totally different entity. Different "cup" as well.

None of the verses in the Revelation about Babylon can be given to Jerusalem.
Those few from Ezekiel do speak to Israel but I'm afraid that the rest are to the one and only Babylon that will be punished & remain desolate 'forever and ever' for what it has done [i]to[/i] Zion.

[u]The days of Jacob's troubles will come[/u] - but The Lord has never called Israel nor Jerusalem "Babylon - the Mother of Harlots" - nor "that City" of John's Revelation.

Not to debate, just for the sake of debate, but we must be very careful with our 'pronouncements' upon Jerusalem.
Presently, it is still in the hands of the UNgodly, but we must never confuse or mix Scriptures to pour more on her then His Word clearly states lest we pronounce a curse ourselves upon her that GOD has never spoken toward her.

Thank you for your consideration.

 2009/9/14 14:03

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~ How should it be considered that
in The Great Tribulation
Jerusalem will be spiritually called
Sodam & Egypt? - Rev.11:8

God said, it was Him Who
gave Jerusalem A Crown. - Ez.16:12

The Woman John saw go into The Wilderness
is The Woman John went into The Wilderness
after 3.5 yrs to see The Judgment 0f.
Rev.12:6,14 Rev.17:3

Jerusalem is the only Land Mass on earth
which God said He entered into
a Covenant with by His Own Oath. - Ez.16:8

Although God gave Israel A Certificate 0f Divorce
to put her away from Him. - Jer.3:8
He is still married to her. - Jer.3:14

And to Jerusalem The Land Mass
0f His Covenant
He says she will know the Abomination
of her Harlotry - Ez.16:1

God said that Jerusalem
along w/her Daughters Samaria & Sodam
will return to their Former State. - Ez.16:55

After all God said
Jerusalem's navel cord was never cut.

God said He will Judge Jerusalem
as of women who break wedlock
0r Sheds Blood, Is Judged. - Ez.16:38

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
the One who kills The Prophets
and stones those sent to her.-Mat.23:37

John saw The Woman drunk with
The Blood 0f The Saints. - Rev.17:6

Rejoice over her O heavens
and you holy Apostles & Prophets
for God has avengded you on her. Rev.18:20

For Jerusalem, God will deal with her
as she has done, who despised
The Oath by breaking The Covenant.-Ez.16:59

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