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we're already worse than the Nazis

Uhmmm... no, we're not.

Let's not get carried away. If you really think that then might I suggest you read up on some history.

But whats happening here right now is very similar to how things got started there. Bad economy, weak leadership, cult of personality, government making lists of those it deems as a threat... (funny that the founding fathers would all be on that list)...

But now, we're not worse than the nazis. It's over the top statements like that that discredit what we're trying to say.


 2009/4/23 16:46

Joined: 2005/11/17
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Bloomington, IN


in numbers...yes we are

1.4-1.6 million murders of the unborn a year

Many inner cities abort 50% of conceptions

And it's funded by our tax dollars and pushed by the politicians we elect.

Hitler can't touch the US when it comes to murdering the innocent

Denver McDaniel

 2009/4/23 18:09Profile

Joined: 2004/5/13
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toronto, ontario


Hi there saints,
I think no body is, and should be surprised about these and other "changes" that are happening. Those of you folks who voted for it, you are getting it.
Excuse my sarcasm but I feel that change here up in Canada as well, and more is comming. And not only in north america. You can see the changes in the world: thre are talks about one world economy, currency and so on.
LORD keep the true Church from adversary.

levan giorgadze

 2009/4/26 10:40Profile

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