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 Really could use some help from mature Christians

I have a friend who is a christian, his name is steve. He asked me for some advice and help in dealing with a situation and to be really honest I could use some input to share with him. There is a guy who is not a christian where he works that seems to want to be friends outside of work with my friend. This guy is not saved and is openly against God. He is living now with another man, and is very open about it. He says that there is no God and that all we have is now to live life in the way that makes us happy. Steve has shared with this guy that he is a christian and that he does not agree with any of what he says or how he lives his life. The strange thing is that this guy wants to hang out after work(go to sports games, stuff like that)with my friend. He is always asking him to come hang out and my friend has tried to be polite and tell him no but this guy keeps asking. How should he handle this, should my friend tell this guy that it is un Biblical for them to hang out because we are instructed not to be unequally yoked? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thanks for any help
Your little sis in Him

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 Re: Really could use some help from mature Christians

I don't believe that scripture says it is wrong for us to spend time with non-christians. In fact, Jesus himself ate and spoke with non-believers.

I think one should be wise as to what they do and say around non-believers, but I would not say that they are prohibited by scripture to spend time together.

EDIT: 1 Corinthians does tell us that, "bad company corrupts good character" and Proverbs 13:20 tells us, "Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise,but the companion of fools will suffer harm."

So, to clarify, I would say it is not sinful to spend time together, but one must be careful as to how 'intimate' they become with non-believers.

Ben Fuehrer

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 Re: Really could use some help from mature Christians

He is living now with another man, and is very open about it.

Are you saying that the other unbeliving man is homosexual?

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Hey fuehrerbe21

thanks for your reply. The thing is this guy is extremely worldly person in his actions and the things that he says and the way he behaves. I think that is why Steve is not comfortable being around him. In fact he has had to walk away from this same guy at times at the break table and stuff because of language and the things this guy is talking about. What is so strange to me is why does this guy even want to be friends and hang out with Steve when he knows he is a christian and is opposed to the rebellious sinful way this guys lives and behaves. Do you think that Steve should just come out and ask him why he wants to hang out and be friends when he knows that Steve is a christian and that he is not going to just go along with that kind of behavior?

your little sis in Him

Edit: yes the unsaved man is a homosexual well I think so at least, he did have a girlfriend at one time, but now he has a boyfriend. So I guess he is either or????? not sure of the term that is use for that lifestyle???

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His only contact with this person should be purely biblical. Offer bible studies or "come to church" etc. It seems obvious to me that this person is interested in your friend for all the wrong reasons (sexual probably). If the person isn't interested in hearing and heeding the call then what do we have in common???

If your friend starts hanging out with this guy the least that will happen is he will become associated with him and his deeds. If thes guy starts hanging out with your friend (church, bible studies, etc) perhaps he will see his error and repent.

We are called to go out into the highways and byways and compell them to come into the kingdom, not to hang out with them.

Yahweh open the eyes of your children to your truth in all things in Jesus name, Amen


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Unfortunately some of us have been through this thing before... There was a request of this sort many moons ago from someone who just wanted to be a "friend" and it was just a pretext for homosexual advances. I would advise no contact except in the view of other believers. Take your stand, live the exemplary life in front of him, and pray, but keep your distance... that would be my candid advice.


Clint Thornton

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I might suggest that Steve could invite this co-worker to watch a game with him and some christian friends.

Alan Taylor

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