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 What a wretched place would heaven be!

[b]What a wretched place would heaven be![/b]
(Jonathan Edwards, "The Way of Holiness")

"Nothing impure will ever enter it." Revelation 21:27

Everyone hopes for heaven—and if everyone who hoped for heaven actually went there—heaven would be full of murderers, adulterers, swearers, drunkards, and thieves! It would be full of all manner of wickedness and wicked men—those who are no better than wild beasts, howling wolves, and poisonous serpents. Yes, heaven would be full of incarnate devils! What a wretched place would heaven be—if it were so! That pure, undefiled, glorious place—would be turned into a hell.

There would be no happiness there for those who are holy—if they were all mixed up together with wicked men and devils! How would one unsanctified person interrupt their happiness—and fill those regions with the loathsome stench of his sin and filthiness!

It is impossible that a God of infinite holiness, who is perfect and hates sin with perfect hatred, who is infinitely lovely and excellent—could embrace in His arms—a filthy, abominable creature, a hideous, detestable monster, more hateful than a toad and more poisonous than a viper! So hateful, base, and abominable—is every unsanctified man!

What a pitiable, miserable condition are they in—to step out of this world into an uncertain eternity, with an expectation of finding themselves exceedingly happy and blessed in heaven—and all at once find themselves undeceived—and sinking in the bottomless pit!

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 Re: What a wretched place would heaven be!

I'd never get there on my own, but thank God He made a way for a poor wretched sinner like me to enter in! Thank You God for Jesus and His precious blood shed for whosoever! Thank You for Your wonderful grace and mercy and Your never failing love! Thank You that I have been made whole through that perfect sacrifice, Your glorious Son and my Savior Jesus Christ. I am so glad that I don't have to depend on myself to "be good", but that I can lean on the everlasting arms of my wonderful Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me into all righteousness. I used to be that "filthy, abominable creature, a hideous, detestable monster, more hateful than a toad and more poisonous than a viper." But then the Holy Spirit beckoned me to a life in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah! And now I am under The Blood! Blood washed and Blood bought! Glory to God! That is why we need to keep preaching and living the Gospel! Praise God! Thank You, LORD for pulling me up out of that bottomless pit and setting my feet on The Rock! Keep me there, Oh my LORD and my God! Call us to You! Holy Spirit move in our midst. Move in a way that you have never moved before. Melt the hardest of hearts. Reach out to the vilest of the vile. If you saved me, you can save anyone. No one is too low or too high that You can not reach them. Move upon this world as never before. Pour out Your Spirit upon the youngest child and the oldest adult from the smallest village to the largest continent. These things I ask in Jesus' Holy, precious, and powerful name...Amen and Amen!

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