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 Preaching the three-faceted Gospel

Tonight I went out with the Juliots and their friend, Seth, to the local pier. We had opportunities to preach to individuals and groups. Occasionally while speaking to one or two people, a small crowd would form to hear what was being said.

It is remarkable how we were blessed to speak compassionately and honestly of sin, hell, judgment, and imputed righteousness through faith in Christ apart from works, and people stayed to listen quietly. We patiently and carefully exposited dozens of passages of God's Word, talking about the dire condition of unregenerate men, and praising Christ for preparing the way of salvation.

Though we were hardly entertaining by the world's standards a number of people listened for long periods of time. No gimmicks, wild antics, or bitter screaming. Just simple, compassionate, earnest talk. Straight-forward reasoning about sin, hell, and Christ.

Many appeared fearful; one asked with grief, "how can I be justified in God's sight without Him becoming unjust?" What an opportunity! Some seemed to only listen out of passing interest, but overall I trust the Lord moved upon persons. A few seemed overjoyed and praised God in Christ for the Gospel.

I exhort you all to find opportunities this week to magnify the three-faceted Gospel of grace:

1.) Christ lived perfectly to fulfill the Law. This obedience is imputed to those who believe.

2.) Christ died a substitutionary death under the wrath of God for the sins of all who trust in Him.

3.)Christ was raised to intercede and send forth His Spirit to apply these benefits through faith.

What are your experiences this week? If you have none, maybe go out and come back, and share what the Lord did.

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