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 God loves Dogs too!

When I was a younger man I got a dog for my oldest daughter who was about four at the time. Friends of ours came over to visit and we were in the front yard talking. The dog got out and went to the edge of the road (still in my yard). A jeep came barreling down the road and swerved to hit the dog. He ran him right over and never slowed just kept going. The dog was lying on the road limp and lifeless. I ran up to him and said his name, he opened his eyes, looked at me and closed them again. I carried him over and laid him under the porch I think. I thought he'd be dead by morning, I had no hope.

The next day I took him to the vet they took x-rays and said he had a shattered leg, crushed pelvis and broken back. I saw the x-rays and it was easy to see what he was talking about, you could see the breaks. He gave me little hope and suggested that I put him down. I asked what could be done and he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon in Cleveland Oh who also operated on dogs. I called him and he said he would require a large sum of money to do the operation and then there would be the vet operating room fees and costs etc. Bottom line... I couldn't afford it and I was told he would never walk without the operation.

I was told by friends and family to put him down but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I told them "as long as he has a will to live I would not put him down. I returned him to his resting spot. After work I went to see him and he was gone. I started looking for him and found him back in the swamp lying in the water. I picked him up and put him back in his resting spot. I thought he was crawling off to die, it was disheartening. The next two days we had more of the same. I prayed for guidance and I understood he was going to the swamp because he was overheated, he was trying to live! I moved him to my cellar and every day I laid hands on him while asking God to heal him.

In six weeks he was walking, a little wobbly but he was moving pretty good. In eight weeks he was running and jumping. HaleluYah! Everybody was stunned. Some said I was lying, but I still had the x-rays and was more than willing to show them.

I learned a valuable lesson through this episode in my life. God loves all of his creation enough to heal them. My view of animals changed, they have an understanding of the spiritual that fallen man lacks. I also began to more publicly brag on God, Amen he is worthy to lift up for all to see and I aint gonna be shy about it!

By the way the dog's name was buddy and he lived a very long time for a dog. He adored me to the end. If dog's can go to heaven he'll be there for sure. Before the accident he was a punk and I was considering getting rid of him. He would intentionally knock down children and smallish people; he would also nip and scratch. He was self willed and completely rebellious. Through this experience in his life I saw God save him from probable destruction and transform him into a truly beautiful creature. He became compassionate even towards cats. I guess you could say Jesus saved him because if God had not worked this in the dog's life I'm sure he would have been put down.

Through all of this much work has been wrought in my heart, God is faithful to complete us.


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 Re: God loves Dogs too!

Praise GOD - what a testimony. He does love the work of His Own Hands and does use them as object lessons many times in His Word as well.
It always amazed me how the prophet used the analogy of the man who's little pet lamb was taken away when King David fell into sin.

Pro 12:10 A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

I can see my own journey to the Cross and Salvation in this story - of what He's done for me.

Luk 7:47 Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.

Thank you for posting this - it brings further good & deeper thoughts of our Creator GOD.

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This Story is beautiful!
I pray for our dog all the time when he gets sick.
Of course we carry him to the Vet, but God has healed Tootsy a lot of times.
God is a Great, Merciful God.
May He bless you for sharing about your dog.

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Glory to God
Glory to God
Glory to God

Praise to our Holy King
Beautiful Glorious Majestic King of Kings and Lord of Lords
our First Love

may the Lord Bless you keep you make His face shine on you and give you peace

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