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 Out-of-wedlock births hit record high

[b]Out-of-wedlock births hit record high[/b]

Nearly 40 percent of babies born in the United States in 2007 were delivered by unwed mothers, according to data released last month by the National Center for Health Statistics. The 1.7 million out-of-wedlock births, of 4.3 million total births, marked a more than 25 percent jump from five years before.

Statistics such as these, which include for the second year in a row a bump in teen pregnancies, after a 14-year decline, leave Sarah Brown concerned. She worries about the children born to unwed parents -- about the disadvantages they often face, including increased likelihood of poverty and greater high school dropout rates. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Out-of-wedlock births hit record high

I can't even imagine how high the number would be with the children who are butchered in abortion

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 Re: Out-of-wedlock births hit record high

I wonder what percentage are born into a godly home . . .

and then,

how many are born into the kingdom of God.

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 Re: Out-of-wedlock births hit record high

the river of hypocrisy runs so deep thru this website, that if a saved sinner looking for any mercy, any blessing, would soon be swamped and drowned by it.

Which is it Greg?

We KNOW abortion is murder! We know that! Have you ever had a child of yours, true..... concieved in sin, have you ever had a child that you fathered, that was doomed to death by your girlfriend, even though you BEGGED, PLEAD, WEPT for this little life, only in the end to hear, "I'm not ready yet, its my choice, its my body"....but I would counter, "That is my child too, and I pledge my life to you and this baby, this baby is a gift from God!!"

I would beg and plead and cry, "please don't kill our baby" Of course I was a sinner, and she was a sinner who didnt know Jesus, and we both knew what we were doing making love without condoms or ANY form of birth control, but i am a man of honor, ans as such, they are father to thier precious children.

and I would HAVE to take them to this hellish abortion clinic, and know that inside, MY child was being murdered, and I would drive her home, wordless, or maybe I would be spitting out my venom as I drove her to her place. "Comfort her"? Some of you women may be thinking, what a cruel man.....for not comforting this poor woman. I didn't want to even see them again, nor touch them again, fore I wanted to DIE with OUR CHILD.

I would go to my place, lay my hands on whatever illicit and illegal drugs I could get my hands on, curl up in a ball in my bed and weep for days.

Some of you may be judging us, (which is not an unuusuual occurnce on this forum) by asking "why didnt you get married, right and decent"? Because it didnt occur to us, we were all bad kids from broken homes, divorced parents, drug abuse, etc etc.

You see, thats the trouble with many of you on this forum, you are so locked in your "holiness" and your doctrines of work related salvation, that anybody that doesnt, or hasnt fit YOUR idea of the Love and Mercy of Jesus, that would adjudge such, as the lost, as objects of scorn, you have gone so far away from the Ministry of Jesus Who saved and cleanses souls such as mine. and God willing those lovers of mine. Jesus is the Loving Father, the older brother I never had that could have said to me" Neil there's a better way, Follow me"......and finally I opend my heart to Him. Am I perfect? Lord no! Sanctfication is an ongoing process, despite what some of these harsh, works oriented preachers you have plastered all this site, might say.

how convienent it is to adopt the concept "Christian Perfectionism".

and I would think reading that article, that saints would be exulting in that NOT yet another baby murdered?

Why don't you praise God in this? Why do cast these births as something to shun, or judge? Hmm, Greg?.....or there parents. or might I add, "single mothers"? WHY DID YOU EVEN POST THIS UP?

In what way does it disturb you? Does it perchance disturb you that 72% of our out of wedlock births are African American, or 51% Latino? Not unbeliavble, considering the plethora of American American preacher sermons we have on this website.

Let me be very frank with you Greg as the Holy Spirit leds me , and in the love I can muster in this cracked clay vessel. You have been overtaken with religious pride and I see nothing of the Pure Sweet Merciful Grace and Love of the Lord Jesus Christ in your words, and your witness. You are a young man who God gifted with a powerful internet minstry and your judgements and slander, read discerment give witness to this. You probably want to make me "anonymous" now, as you have so many you dared challenge anything you post, but search your heart, Ask God the Holy Ghost if what I say is true.

You broke my heart tonight, not out of conviction, my sins are washed clean by the Blood Christ Jesus, PRAISE HIS NAME. You broke my heart because you brought back the faces of those dear dead children of mine, one would have been 29, one would have been 23, and the other would have been 20, but God is so good, he gave me a 13 year old son, who's mother I married and just spoke lovingingly with tonight.

You brought there faces back for what? to show how craven the black community is? or the latino? or to show "how better we are"? than them?

Shame on you! The LORD rebuke you. Hear me, I will give prophesy now, if you keep this up, not the ministry, but your own hidden fleshly ways, then you and this ministry will go onto the rocks of ruin and error, and woe, if you drag anyone down with you. I have much to repent for, always will, till the day I see Jesus, but brother Greg, repent.

as you will probably make me anonymous, i want everyone else here to know who wrote this: neil giuntoli

 2009/4/9 23:55

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Our heavenly Father looks down upon His children, and weeps. Myriads of souls are lost and headed for certain destruction. His children, dead and dying by the choices that they have made and continue to make. Many are also dying as a result of the choices of others.

Not long after the Lord got a hold of me, I was in the park, walking along the river with my old dog. It was the time of the year when the trees were dropping their seed, and there were billions, upon billions, of seeds everywhere - everywhere I looked there were more seeds. As I stood in the midst of all of these seeds, the Lord brought it upon my heart that almost all of these seeds were destined to die. Many would be mowed down, many had fallen upon rocks and would never take root, many would be poisoned, and many would simply be washed away. With horror it dawned upon me that this was also the way it was with the people of the earth - most were destined to die - eternally.

We are all murderers. Our greed has brought about the death of many people. While we might not be aware of it, that does not negate the fact that it has happened. Neil, I am sorry about the pain from your past - for the choices that you made and the death of your children. Most of us are in the same boat, but the correlation is just not as direct. However, in our own hearts we know what we have done, things that have brought about the death of another - if not physically, then certainly spiritually.

I am thinking that the enemy is working overtime in these last days. It is essential that we stay centered in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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Greetings Neil
I can see from reading your post that this article has brought back some very painful memories and I wanted you to know that I will pray for you. I feel that I must be honest with you that I don't understand your attack on Greg though? The article was about unwed moms and women choosing to have children out of wedlock on purpose. Having a baby outside of marriage is not a noble thing to do because in all honesty if your pregnant and not married then you are committing fornication and I think that was part of the reason for Greg's posting this here. The open and blatant sin against God and His design for the family is or at least should be a cause for our concern.It should offend us that the sin of fornication is looked upon as no big deal, sadly even among those who call themselves born again believers.It grieves Fathers heart terribly, it should ours as well.
Please don't misunderstand what I am saying, abortion is murder and grieves Father, but so does the sin of fornication. Sin is sin regardless. I am thankful that these woman are having their babies and not aborting them, but it does not change the fact that these women and men are sinning against God in what they are doing.
Please before you write me off as one judging others understand that I know what I am talking about. I was an unwed mother. Had my first child when I was 17 years old. Having pre marital relations is sin and is not what Father had intended for us, consequently the children that are brought into this world as a result of this selfish sinful behavior do have a more difficult time of it. I am thankful Father put people into my life that stopped me from further sinning against Him and kept me from that abortion clinic, but I will also be completely honest I was not the best parent for my daughter when she was little. I was immature, sinful, selfish, and did not understand what it really meant or took to be a good mother as clearly spoken about in the Word. I made many sinful mistakes over the years that I regret and have repented for. Did Father see us through those times, absolutely He did but it does not change the fact that it was not the best possible situation nor was it as Father would have intended for us.

Perhaps you might have asked Greg his reasons for posting before attacking him here. Isn't that how Jesus would want us to speak to one another??? Having lost a baby of my own(not through abortion) I do understand the pain and grieving that you speak about and so does our Lord, only on a much greater scale then either of us could ever imagine. As Heartsong shared we need to keep our focus on Jesus!

Please consider this in the heart it was written

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 Mary Jane

Lovingly, I say to you: [b]Your daughter concieved at 17 IS ALIVE! [/b]

What did David confess to in Psalm 51? Which is the "mountaintop" of penitent Psalms?

isnt that the point of abortion clinic prayer minstries and interventions? [b]To save babies?!?[/b]

and then the owner of this very forum, makes a post that becrys the sin of the rise of unwed births? Look around at the world! It's sin-sick, and most of this sin is murder, and I'm not only talking about abortion, we have a world LOCKED in war, and rape and murder, the destroyer stalks the earth bearing "weapons of mass destruction", whether they be AK-47's, or human bombs, or Predator drone's that mistake a wedding party for a terrorist gathering. I could write of sins of the flesh all day long on this forum, but thats the problem, and THAT's WHY I chose to make rebuke public.

There has been an ugly spirit festering on this forum of late, and if Greg doesn't know what I'm speaking of, he should ask the Holy Spirit. Diviseness, arguing over doctrine, fear spread like manure, slander, much of it does not give Glory to God, nor reflect the Ministry of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.

Do you want a prayer point? In that article, Greg posted, 72% of unwed births were to African-American women. Now, some would say this is because the "state" subsidizes these births, and I say, "get me behind me satan!". The devil is cunning in his deception, because we seem to forget the SINS of our forefathers, who STOLE Africans, whole families, brought them to these shores as slaves, and then callously and sinFULLY sold apart FAMILIES, and the virus of this sin, continues to this very day, as this nation has not had the Grace, or the courage to repent of this foul sin to this day. I'm a patriot, but I know our forefathers were utterly remiss, when they crafted the Constitution, proclaiming ALL men free, that they did not make slavery illegal in 1776, when they all signed that Declaration of Independence, or crafted a Constitution.

It is all hypocrisy of the lowest and most base form to ignore this present day reality, and then to becry the birth of children who's mother is not wed. Praise God these children weren't murdered! Praise God!...and woe to all of you who judge these mothers! WOE TO YOU! May God deal with anybody ever so harshly for this hypocritical judgement!

I had to walk THREE times thru prayer lines of well meaning Christians outside these hellish murder factories, my own heart in tatters, shredded, I wanted to shriek at them, "what do you think I've been doing for the last two weeks?!? I've been begging this woman NOT TO KILL OUR BABY!!"....and you should have heard them, with their shouts of "baby killers", only the sanction of law stayed my hand those three awful days, as I did not YET know the Prince of Peace, Jesus.

Greg should pray before he posts sometimes, we all should. I did, and you are reading my hearts testimony. If he wants to ban me, so be it, but he has stumbled a brother in the Lord.

in the event I AM banned, and made "anonymous" I will AGAIN sign my name to this post, neil giuntoli, a sinner washed in the Blood of Christ.

 2009/4/10 10:26

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 Re: Mary Jane

Greetings Brother Neil

Your wrote: Lovingly, I say to you: Your daughter concieved at 17 IS ALIVE!

All I can say to you dear brother is yes by the grace and mercy of God my daughter is alive, if it was not for Him I would have aborted her, but dear brother that does not make her conception any less sinful. I was guilty of the sin of fornication, that sin crucified my beloved Savior. It nailed Him to that tree! I know that I am forgiven but still it grieves my heart that I did those things. I love my daughter and am thankful she is with me but it does not change the fact that what "I" and my husband(before we were married) did was sin when she was conceived and to me that was I felt the reason Greg posted this article. So many look the other way when it comes to sin, we act as if it really does not matter. We are called to love each other but not to ignore the sin that is killing them, the sin that is causing so many to spend their eternity in hell. You are right that the world is full of sin, and fornication is one of them. It grieves our heavenly Fathers heart and it should do so to ours as well.

As for judging unwed mothers, I do not, the Word of God does. IT says having a relations outside of marriage is sin, I am not saying that the child is sin, but the fornication and conception of that child is sin. The article is not talking about women who are repenting for their sinful behavior brother it is talking about women who are choosing to have babies outside of Gods will and in rebellion to Him. I will grant it that most if not all are lost and walking in rebellion to Him daily anyway but still fornication is sin. If we can see that and be unwilling to call it that then how can we be the light to the world that Jesus called us to be. Sin is sin and it kills! I am thankful that these women are not further sinning by taking the life of their unborn children but that does not change what is going on here. If we really love the lost then we will share the truth with them honestly and in love.

Brother I will pray for you, it is clear you are hurting. These memories can be and are painful, I know from my own experiences. Even as I write this my own heart is aching, but I have to say I still think that you should speak with Greg about these things personally and allow him as a brother in Christ to share his heart. I will continue to pray for you brother...

God Bless you

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God bless you beloved sister, but we're just talking past one another right now.

you wrote:

Brother I will pray for you, it is clear you are hurting.

Maryjane, I bless any prayers I can illicit from any other saved sinner, but I feel you havent grasped why I am hurting.

I'm hurting because of the hypocrisy of many followers of Jesus in this nation, this issue just one example, there are too many to outline, just suffice to say, this whole dialogue reminds me so much of the adulterous woman brought before Jesus to be stoned. There is no wonder that there is nothing that would make the lost envious of so great a salvation in the way we walk out our Faith in America...nothing.

We bemoan the murdering of the unborn, yet call lost and confused people, "fornicators", who bravely refuse to take the life of their child.

Thats what hurts. As far as my three little babies, Maryjane, I will hug them someday. In the meanwhile, I got a 13 year old, saved and sanctified son, who needs some loving from his daddy.

I'm going to bow out of this conversation now.

In Jesus' love, neil giuntoli

 2009/4/10 11:39

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 Re: Maryjane

I do understand what you shared about the hypocrisy of many followers, sadly that is another sin that we as the church ignore. Why is that we are to afraid to stand on the truth and love with one another to encourage and admonish each other daily to walk in Him. Are we not instructed to do so??(Just my thought here)

I guess I think you are missing my point as well brother, you wrote:We bemoan the murdering of the unborn, yet call lost and confused people, "fornicators", who bravely refuse to take the life of their child.

See this was my point about the article, these are not lost or confused people in their minds.They openly reject God and His plan for their lives. They do not see their actions as sinful because no one call fornication sin. The women in this article willing conceive their children, some do not even want a father in the picture at all. This brother is fornication no matter what we feel about it. The Bible is the last and final word on this as it should be.

I am thankful for your son and that Father has brought him into your life. I understand what you have shared about one day being able to hug your three other children. I to look forward to the day that I will see the baby I lost. We both can take comfort that they are all in Father care!

I do respect your heart about bowing out of the conversation , and wish you all Fathers blessing brother. Please know my intention and heart was not to cause you stumble any further but to come up along side you in hope that we two might know Fathers heart for us all here on SI. May we all continue to seek Him first and keep our eyes on Him daily as we walk out our time here. May Jesus name be lifted up and glorified!

God Bless you brother and your family

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