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 Pressing into the Kingdom

Mat 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

John the Baptist was a great man one that Christ commended saying no greater was ever born of women thus showing His love for John and admiration as a man. John declared the Gospel in a way that you had to cast your vote one way or the other and this cost him his life.
I think John saw something that I fail to at those times when I should the most. John did not write Mt 11:12 though he could have, but rather than writing it God chose John to live it. I am called to live in it also and need to be reminded daily of it.
I used to look at this verse with little understanding until a dear pastor Bro. Henry Mahan was allowed to preach on the verse above with great conviction and the spirit reminded me of a great mission: Strive to enter the straight gate. Press into the kingdom.
One needs his props pulled away constantly in the body of this flesh. I do not want everyone to think that I am promoting works. I am by no means doing so. By Grace are you saved Through faith not By faith Through faith this is the operation of a Great and Terrible God.
In general we have forsaken the preaching of the truth. The law is the "billy club" that the Spirit of God uses to convict and convince of sin. The claims of a Holy God are pressed upon the sinner in such a magnitude that they have no place to hide from this Holy,Just, and Immutable Sovereign who rules and reigns as He pleases in heaven and yes upon the inhabitance of the earth and none shall stay His hand. What! violence! is rendered toward the sinner when he has been regenerated unto spiritual life and then has a realization of the Holiness of God by the shedding abroad and revelation of the Spirit of God.
Wow, the wrath of God revealed from heaven against all unrighteousness. What would a person who now through the regeneration and revelation of the Spirit of Truth do. Consider the Holy Sword of Justice that is hanging over his head and the violence that is surely awaiting him in eternity because of his sin not toward others ,though the sins possibly were, but all these sins and the sin nature that has ruled his whole life were and are against and hated by this very God that he will some day come before with no excuse and no commendation.
Oh the Grace of God not leaving this regenerated spiritual work incompleted, now through the Spirit, reveals Righteousness in Christ to the sinner.So what does the one who has heard, seen, and felt this violence.....he takes it, clings to Him who is, was, and ever will be the only and blessed hope.
So, hopefully, to impart some thought to others and remind me for the most part, is He still everything to you. Is the theme of your spiritual confidence Give me Christ else I perish. When you look into the Scripture are you looking for something or for Someone. When you are hearing the Gospel message are they preaching about the Son and God's purpose in Him. The true kingdom of heaven does infact suffereth violence and they do take Him by force.
One example that I heard was have you ever seen a calm person drowning in real life or the movies? Yet we battle this flesh everyday and sometimes we forget to take it by force, if we have to. Remember sin no longer has dominion over the regenerate. Rom 6
After the war between the states some slaves that stayed on and sharecropped with their old masters had to be reminded that they were free.
If the Son shall therefore make you free then you are free indeed. Remember this and press...strive there is a battle to wage.
With all Love,
Mat 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.



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