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 Revival Documentary - The need of Revival in North America


God has put on my heart to compile alot of video interviews that I am doing and make a very simple but succinct documentary on the need for revival in North America. It will be produced soley for youtube and online viewing. I appreciate your prayers that God will guide and provide all that is needed to make this project happen. I already have had some great interviews and times with godly people, below is a interview of a professor at Briarcrest college in Caranport, SK, Canada. (do note that has not been edited and is just a example of what the documentary will include)


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 Re: Revival Documentary - The need of Revival in North America

Oh yes, this is going to be wonderful!

I will be in prayer.

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 Re: Revival Documentary - The need of Revival in North America

God is not silent about this. Where local pastors are no longer on speaking (listening) terms with God, let us hear from laymen who are.

Greg, I really look forward to this. Not only for how God uses it with those that will hear it but also how it gives a voice to those with a burden who have heard from God. It may also be used to sharpen the focus those you interview.

Have you considered interviewing Del Tackette, the human instrument in The Truth Project which begins and ends in Isa. 6 (the change that occurs “gazing on the face of God”) – His concern for revival is persistent. On the web site, See “Truth Observed: blessing at Deer Lake” to sense his heart.

Early last fall, I posted here and on the Google Prayer Call group, a national (US) call for Biblical repentance and prayer. I think it was the first daily Christian radio ministry to do so. Chuck Bently, a layman, has referenced revival of the Word of God and applying it ( Given how he was led to publicize the need for national repentance and prayer, he may have some word.

As I review this post, I understand these may be unlikely sources or off the mark God has already set.

I am thanking God for guiding your willing heart, open doors, and His supply.

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 Re: Revival Documentary - The need of Revival in North America

Amen. I'll be praying for this :)

I was listening to a sermon, a poor one actually, that had attacked modern Independent Baptist Churches and he told a true story of a church who had recently started something that month that they called "Get Pumped". Every Sunday morning, service would begin with a secular song from the sound system only playing because the pastor and assistant pastor come from the sides of the stage playing Guitar Hero. The men and their church cared only of the condition of their seats rather than the condition of their congregation... and this is where we are today... This is very much needed and looked forward to Brother Greg

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