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 North Korea launches rocket, defying world pressure

[b]North Korea launches rocket, defying world pressure[/b]

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea defiantly carried out a provocative rocket launch Sunday that the U.S., Japan and other nations suspect was a cover for a test of its long-range missile technology.

Liftoff took place at 11:30 a.m. (0230GMT) Sunday from the coastal Musudan-ri launch pad in northeastern North Korea, the South Korean and U.S. governments said. The multistage rocket hurtled toward the Pacific, reaching Japanese airspace within seven minutes, but no debris appeared to hit its territory, officials in Tokyo said.

The U.N. Security Council approved an emergency session for Sunday afternoon in New York, following a request from Japan that came minutes after the launch.

The South Koreans called it "reckless," the Americans "provocative," and Japan said it strongly protested the launch. ...

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 Re: North Korea launches rocket, defying world pressure

It is interesting that North Korea waited to launch this missile until less than three months after Barack Obama became the President. I wonder if this is a "test" to see how this new administration will react.

Now that Obama has apologized for American "arrogancy," gloated in a diminished role of America, and promised to rid the world of nuclear weapons (although, it seems like if you criminalize nuclear weapons...the only people who will have them are criminals), it will be interesting how he reacts to an international crisis like this. More importantly, it will be interesting to see how the world reacts to such a reaction. Will Obama be seen weak in the eyes of such "rogue" nations or terrorist organizations?

Even so, come Lord Jesus. We do not need to fear...because the matter how it a victory for those who know our Lord.


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