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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Jacob West born 03/31/09 (Moderator's son)

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God bless you and Marissa brother! Jacob is beautiful........

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The Lord has certainly bless you!

Jacob is a cutie!

Much blessing and peace be multiplied to you, Marrisa, and baby Jacob!


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 Re: Pictures

I am not sure what I think about the appropriateness of the suggestion BUT it could be wonderful if those of you that know how to forward pictures did and they (all of them) were posted on a stickey. Kinda a [b]picture directory of members[/b] - one or two for each poster that wanted to. Something that could be overseen by a moderator, updates/changes sent in for posting/sizing etc. Or maybe on the profile page of members.

Just a thought.

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PaulWest wrote...

...the Lord will see us through no matter what happens, just like the Lord will see you.... though - no matter what happens. In the face of barreness and complications the strength of our Lord shines forth like the sun. There's something about barreness and difficult pregnacies (or not being able to conceive) that God uses to show His strength; whether it be with Abraham and barren Sarah, Jacob and barren Rachel, Jabez's painful birth, Hannah's barreness (the mother of Samuel), Manoah's barren wife (the mother of Samson), Elisha and the barren Shunammite, Elizabeth's barreness (John the Baptist's mother), and of course, the most miraculous birth of all which is our Lord coming forth from a virgin womb.

So, you see, we're in good company...and even better Hands.

Brother Paul

...a good word.

Blessings Brother.

*edit: actually, my wife and i were musing about possible names last night...

girl - Brianna
boy - Jacob (you don't mind d'ya?!) ;-)

 2009/4/12 9:46

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 Re: Why do people love babies?

Why do people love babies?

This question stumps me. Or, it did until recent times. There is no logical sense is why people love babies.

Babies can be colicky, make you want to pull your hair out, wish you had never seen the child, make you feel like screaming...

They are totally helpless. You even have to hold their head when you lift them up. They eliminate body waste whenever the urge strikes, even when you are changing their diaper you may have to divert the stream that comes arcing up...

Babies interfere with careers, vacation plans, hobbies and anything else you have planned to do.

You spend lots of time teaching them to talk and then the rest of their lives teaching them to shut up!

You eagerly help them learn to take steps and then walk only to find your self running after them to keep them from going places they shouldn't, like the road.

You have to feed them. If they are hungry, they cry and you will drop everything to satisfy that hunger.

Babies get sick easily. There are earaches, there is teething which can cause a baby fever and it goes on for days...and parents fret when the child does not act normal...and the doctor bills!

Toddlers get into things, then break cherished items, some that can never be replaced.

And people still want babies? What ails people?

And you know your child will be tempted to sin, or to spurn God and you still want a baby?

Oh sure, as a female I understand the urge to want to know what it feels like to be pregnant, to feel the baby grow inside and to feel it kicking, moving. But after having one, why do you hanker for more? Where is the logic of all this?

These questions have nagged at me for years: why on earth did I want more babies after having birthed one? In recent years the answer came to me, or at least it settled the question in my mind.

When we desire babies/children there is a part of the nature of God operating within us. Why did God create man when he knew what would happen? He knew man would rebel, sin and that it would cause a Him a great inconvenience, but he did it anyways..

Somehow, I see within man and woman the nature of the love of God operating in the desire to have children and going through it knowing full well the trials you are inviting into your life.

This desire is the essence of love. It teaches selfish people to learn how to give, give, give and not get any thanks in return. Awesome when I think about it.

Yes, parenting teaches us much about God and much about us as well.

God bless you, Paul. Enjoy your son! We had four of them and each son had one sister! They were fun and we still enjoy our children and now their children....


Sandra Miller

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Praise God! What a blessing children are. May the Lord give you and your wife wisdom as you raise him. :-)

Ben Fuehrer

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