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 Preaching the wrath of God for unbelievers

If we truly understood how Christ'sacrifice for us paid the price for our redemption and saved us from the wrath of God, we would be on our knees pleading for his help in reaching the lost.
Our gratitude would fill the earth and consume all the hours of our day just knowing what we have been saved from. I believe that the reason many preachers do not teach on the God's wrath is because they do not have a full understanding of it and do not want to offend the congregation.
We need to go back to the truth, the whole truth of gospel of Jesus Christ!

God is holy, pure and perfect and his judgements are right. That is too much for us to understand but with help from the Holy Spirit we can and must get the message out.


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 Re: Preaching the wrath of God for unbelievers


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 Re: Preaching the wrath of God for unbelievers


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