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 What Father has put on my heart to share

Greetings to you

This morning I read a note from a brother here I sermon index and again my heart was filled with renewed awe for my Father, how He cares for and provides down to the littlest detail for His children. This brother shared how much Father has done for him and how needs were daily being met for his family in these hard times. I was moved by this brothers faithful and thankful heart and thought about some of the things I have been struggling with how there have been a few times that I was not so thankful for my home. Its a small house, only 1150 square feet of space and with 4 big boys things get crowded. Sometimes it feels like we are on top of each other and the walls will burst at their seams, and yet this home provides our needs. We are protected from the cold in the midst of winter, and given shade from the summers heat. Every time we have our high winds blow through I say a small prayer that the house will withstand the guests and every time this little house does. In these difficult times for so many the payment is well under what most house payments are so we do not have to struggle each month to make that payment. There are things that have need of fixing, but myself, my boys and the darling hubby are learning how to do more each day. We can now fix plumbing pipes, replace a hot water heater, replace broken windows, install and repair door jams, and the list goes no and on. With so many living it tight quarters, we have learned to be patient with one another. We are learning to look for ways and opportunities to help and care for each other. Two boys each in two small bedrooms has given them plenty of opportunities to lay down their lives and give of themselves, lessons that may have not been learned if each had his own room. I will admit and openly repent that there have been times in my discouragement that I have grumbled at how frustrating it is to live in such a place, but I am going to keep this and print it out so that if those times come up again, I will be reminded just how blessed and cared for I am to have my little home.

There have been times to when the daily news has caused me such fear and worry that I could easily have found myself pulling the covers up over my head not wanting to face the day and yet Father again has used the steady voice of a very dear sister to remind me that no matter what happens now or in the future one thing has remained the same, and that is that Father still sits on the throne. Nothing takes Him by surprise. No matter what today holds for the world around me, I know and can walk in the fact that I am His child and that He will never leave me. This sister has patiently encouraged me that I don't have to look at current or even future events with fear and trembling because of what men will do, my hope does not lay in men or things of this world. Jesus is my hope and I already know how the story ends, I will have an eternity to be with my Lord, nothing in this life can even come close to comparing with that!

I have been struggling with some health issue since February and the pain has made sleeping at night difficult. I am ashamed to admit that I have struggled with fear, worry and even discouragement concerning this. I have been getting very little sleep and it has been hard at times not to allow the flesh to wallow in self pity, but then a dear young brother sent me a prayer and I was humbled as I read it. His focus was so lovingly on our savior and I knew mine had been on self. I was encouraged by this brothers complete faith in Father and I spent time in prayer and repenting of my selfish heart but still had to admit to Father that with the pain, fear still lingered. In His mercy He sent a sister who shared with me of her story in dealing with her own painful and difficult illness. She shared of the strength that Jesus was for her in those times and gave me good and practical advice that helped ease my mind. I now realize that these late night times of sleeplessness are not a time for me to have to suffer through, but rather they are a blessing, it is a time when I have alone with Him. Father has held me close and the pain is not so difficult and my heart is filled with His peace and comfort. I have been thinking about all that Jesus endured for me and I am so thankful, because of Him I do not have to go through these things alone. He is always with me and His loving kindness and mercy is before me daily being walked out and demonstrated in the brothers and sisters He has allowed me to come to know. There have been occasions when call for prayer has gone out and so many of the brothers and sisters here have joined me in the trenches and given of themselves to pray for me and for people you do not even know. My darling hubby keeps reminding me that our time here is like boot camp, a training ground for us until we go to be with our Lord. To all the warriors here on SI thank you and I am so thankful and encouraged that we can walk these days out together. Thank you all very much for sharing Him and for being faithful with the small things He has shown you. Sometimes those small things that we share turn out to be huge mountains of blessing for another in this family we all belong to!

God Bless

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 Re: What Father has put on my heart to share

Thank you for sharing these sweet whispers of your heart.

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what a wonderful testimony of God's blessings in the brethren. Thank you so much for sharing what He has done...

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God is a good and loving God, isn't He MJ!


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 Re: What Father has put on my heart to share

This is very encouraging.
Thanks for sharing with us.
May God Bless and touch you in a special way, today.

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 Re: What Father has put on my heart to share

Thank you, you are a blessing. Is Father teaching His children to love each other, be patient, long suffering, kind, gentle, merciful? Like your boys, we're in it together. Thanks again, Barry

Barry Voss

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