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 British and Australian PMs address 'gathering' in St Paul's, London

Yes, God IS our only hope.

'... In normal circumstances, of course, the relationship between religion and politics is a complicated one. Brown has personal experience of this, being a son of the manse. He explained how his father limited his expressions of political views to hymn choices after general elections ("God works in mysterious ways" if one party did well, "thank thee all our God" if another).

In the midst of economic gloom, however, things have a tendency of simplifying themselves. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. The court of public opinion, as Harriet Harman put it, has turned against those in the financial sector who have committed it...

... In other words: where our predecessors fail we're going to stop the sinners and curb the evils of the market. That seems a little on the ambitious side, doesn't it?

It appeared it didn't matter. For it was playing directly to ordinary people's desperate desire to put this right...

... Disappointing though it was, there wasn't a prayer said for the economy - or for Brown's premiership, for that matter. But Downing Street can take heart. This week's "gathering", as the Bishop of London put it, did provide an opportunity to reflect on the strange comfort offered by religion. "What conquers fear of the future is faith in the future," Brown boomed at the close of his speech. In uncertain times, perhaps there's more in common between religion and politics than you might think.'

[url=]full article[/url] by Alex Stevenson

 2009/4/1 10:51


"...he [Brown] said. "What we are creating is a truly global society where we have global rules founded on global values."

At least the comment section on the link showed some truth & insight.

 2009/4/1 14:43

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