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 God Exists! ~ Extreme Devotion

When Romanian poet Constantin Ioanid wrote the poem entitled, “God Exists,” he could not have known the significance his words would have in Romanian history.

One night in 1989, Christians were protesting in the town of Timisoara. A bishop who had become a puppet for the Communists had fired the reformed Pastor Tokes for faithfully preaching the Word of God.

On the day Pastor Tokes was to leave his home and church, the Christians surrounded his house to prevent the police from evicting him. Quickly the crowd grew, and the army was called out to stop them.

The soldiers began shooting, and many were killed or wounded. Then an amazing thing happened. The entire crowd, instead of fighting the army, knelt down and prayed. The shocked soldiers were overwhelmed and refused to shoot anymore.

Meanwhile, the whole town had gathered, and a local pastor addressed the crowd from the balcony of the Opera house. He recited Brother Ioanid’s poem, and the whole crowd began shouting, “God exists! God exists!” Leaflets with the poem’s text were passed around, and those who knew the music composed for the words began to sing. Soon thousands were singing it again and again.

The song became the beginning of the Romanian revolution that led to the fall of Communist dictator, Nicolai Ceaucescu.

[i]A revolution is a new resurgence of belief in a very old idea—whether freedom, personal dignity or even the existence of God. These self-evident principles remain unchanged during the cycle of oppression. Though they may go “underground” for a time, their existence is unchallenged. A spiritual revolution resurrects the belief in the existence of God—although God himself was never dead. The revolution begins with God’s revelation of truth. We all need courage to resurrect our faith in the basic, powerful, and life altering proposition that God exists. We are part of a revolution when we join other Christians who begin to live like they believed it. What would spiritual revolution look like in your own life?[/i]

 2009/3/31 11:46

 Re: God Exists! ~ Extreme Devotion

After hundreds had died needlessly in Timisoara in 1989, other demonstrations spontaneously broke out in different cities all across Romania. During one protest, a group of thirteen children made a human barrier with their bodies to keep the soldiers from advancing on the crowd. When the soldiers began to advance anyway, the children knelt and shouted, “Please don’t kill us.”

The soldiers ignored the innocent children and began shooting them. Yet the children did not retreat. They just kept begging, “Please don’t shoot us.” A memorial was erected where the children were killed.

A legend has circulated around Romania that angels actually started the revolution by surrounding the children and giving them the holy courage they needed to stand in the face of evil.

In every town, tanks and troops were called out to stop the uprisings. But eventually, the soldiers succumbed to the peaceful crowds. In the town of Sibiu, soldiers and officers joined in with the crowd of thousands as two ministers atop tanks asked everyone to kneel for prayer. They were just as fed up with the government as the people were, and it soon became impossible to repress the uprising.

It is believed that the martyrdom of a small group of children gave the country victory over a generation of Communist oppressors.

[i]When we become childlike in our faith, we deeply desire to accomplish that which Christ has set before us. Like children, we must seize the moment and make the most of it. The Romanian children unsuccessfully begged for their lives, but they were undeterred in their mission. Is there a circumstance or consequence that threatens your allegiance to your mission? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to abandon yourself to Christ’s cause?[/i]


I'm working on obtaining a translation of the poem, God Exists

 2009/4/1 11:15


GOD Exists!

When we become childlike in our faith, we deeply desire to accomplish that which Christ has set before us. Like children, we must seize the moment and make the most of it.

These posts were powerful.
Bless GOD I had Handel's Messiah playing when I came on-line.

Thank you for posting these.

 2009/4/1 12:54

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I am always encouraged by your posts of the persecuted church. We need these reminders of those who are suffering for the sake of the Gospel.

Thank you,

Ben Fuehrer

 2009/4/1 14:29Profile


Here is the translation of the poem:

God exists

No, we are not a dream, or a chance,
Clay molded by itself.
But a Divine force created us.
Wisdom without boundaries
There is indeed a real God!
We are not darkened beings
Chasten by a merciless rod
But we have a spirit and freedom
And a heart that beats for heaven
There is indeed a real God!
The earth would not have felt
The smile of a pure lily
Had the almighty not stretched his hand
To fill our fountain with feeling
There is indeed a real God!
We have with us the scripture as a proof,
We have unceasingly miracles and signs
And whoever wants to see God
Should stay in front of Him on the barricade!
There is indeed a real God!
Our way is not always sunny
Our life is not always a palace
But we live it, because it deserves to be lived
When above all this limited world
There is indeed a real God!
No, we are not nothingness! What happiness!
The supreme truth became real to us.
Jesus is in us light and love
And death is a flight towards immortality!
There is a real God! So wonderful!

 2009/5/5 18:16


Bless GOD! Thank you for these precious words.

 2009/5/5 20:28

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