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 Krispy's Praise and Request

OK... I've never asked for prayer for me in the form of a "prayer request" on this forum. (Well... maybe I have, but I dont remember it) I guess the time has come to humble myself.

First... praise. God is so faithful. The economic fallout of recent days has really been tough on my business since it's part of the construction industry. No one is building anything right now. Yet God has provided for us in some rather unigue and exciting ways. I spent the last few days painting some interior rooms in someone's house. Out of the blue someone gave us a new couch last week... that we desperately needed. The list goes on and on.

Prayer request... I dont know how much longer this downturn in work is gonna last, and I admit I'm nervous. Even though at the present time we lack for nothing and God is being faithful I still not feeling confident in the future. I wish I could just "let go and let God", but bumper sticker theology is always easier said than done.

So I guess my prayer request is 2-fold. Please pray that I can come to a place of total peace with the Lord and in my heart concerning the unknown future... and also that He would continue to remain faithful to us and provide exactly what we need when we need it.

I look around at other Christians who are way more spiritual than me, probably walking closer to the Lord than me... and they're losing their jobs and their houses... and here we are being provided for by the Lord in some really cool ways. And it makes me ask of the Lord "Why me? What have I done to deserve this while others who are more spiritual than me are losing everything??"

Well anyway... I'm rambling now. Please, if you all could, hold my family and I up in prayer.


 2009/3/29 8:07

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 Re: Krispy's Praise and Request

I will be praying Krispy.

He really does do some very "cool" things - I think we are only beginning to see.


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Thanx! We serve a very "cool" God. :-)


 2009/3/29 8:18

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God be praised...

His kindness to us weak little messes is truly stunning...

you wrote about how people more spiritual than you are losing jobs, etc., and He's taking care of you...seems like He is building your faith, and i'm grateful to see it!

be blessed in His rich love, krispy.

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Give Krispy Your Peace and give him Your Rest as spoken of in Hebrews 4:9.
Let him know that You will never leave him nor forsake him.
Grant his request, in Jesus Name.

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 Re: Krispy's Praise and Request

And it makes me ask of the Lord "Why me? What have I done to deserve this while others who are more spiritual than me are losing everything??"

Of course I know that you know that you and I don't deserve anything. However, God provides for us so that we may be providers for others. The Christians around you that are losing their jobs and their homes will need your resources when that time comes. The LORD has placed us here in our home business where all of my family is together on. There is a reason for why we are provided for, while others have to literally pray for their next meal. And we hope that we will be there to offer that meal, that blanket, even as much as offering to stay under our roof.

There is one clear thing that I have is the reassurance that God will look after us during these difficult days and not just provide miraculously but also to provide for others.

It is a normal reaction to worry when the old flesh is going to be deprived of what we have been used to for so long. But when we offer up a prayer of thanksgiving and cast our cares upon Him, it seems that what we worried about wasn't all that bad. I mean Ole Pete stepped out of that boat while the waves were turbulent, he had great faith, because I can tell you one thing, I wouldn't! Waves and Water we don't get along. :-P

But God is faithful that He won't let us drown. And you are trusting Him even though you think your faith is weak and that others have a better relationship with Him.

"When I am weak, He is Strong". This is in total opposite directions to the way the world the flesh and the devil thinks. In fact it doesn't make any sense to the unrenewed mind.

The reason why He is strong, is because He is acting strong on your behalf. If you think you have great faith, most likely you'll never experience what it means to trust.

 2009/3/29 12:13

 Re: Krispy's Praise and Request

Hey Krispy

As a former construction worker(bricklayer for 25 years) I know a wee bit of the ups and downs of the economy. And, for the last several years I have been a Real Estate agent and my wife is a morgage lender, both 100% commission :) Dont feel bad, the Lord is also taking care of us:)

I have found for me, that anxiousness is ultimately a descision. The Lord definately says that we are to be "anxious for nothing." Its not a suggestion, its a command. And for one whole year, quite a few years ago, the Lord would not allow me to leave that Scripture. I had to memorize it and allow it to soak into my bones. I guess for me, the ulitmate conclusion was that it was possible to be anxious for nothing because the Lord said it to us. Its not that we, as human beings, do not have our moments of anxiousness or fear or insecurity(all members of the family of fear) its that we do not dwell there. Its kinda like sin, we all sin, but hopefully we do not "practise," sin. I guess the biggest breakthrough for me( and please, nobody take condemnation from this) was that I identified it as sin and the opposite of faith. So, every time I became anxious, I realised that I was sinning and saying to God "Your not big enough to handle this." A little bit of what God must have felt when the children in the desert, having seen all the mighty miracles in their lives, still did not trust God.

Anyways, this peace that surpasses all understanding will be the greatest miracle in the lives of Christians as we move forward and the Lord continues to shake everything that can be shaken. I will be praying for you brother........Frank

 2009/3/29 13:02


Excellent Post Frank!!

 2009/3/29 14:07

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I always thought you worked at a school as a coach what a dummy I am, :-?
Well buddy, Mr. Bill will keep you in his Prayers, if things get to bad, I can't pay car notes or mortgages, but I can help with food so don't hesitate to PM me if the pantry start drying up.
Love Ya,
Brother Bill


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