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When I quietly asked, “What, in your opinion, is the difference between teaching and preaching?” I was amazed at the vigor with which he insisted, “It is not a matter of my opinion! It is a well established fact! To teach is to inform! To preach is to move! I heard all kinds of teaching in America but I was never moved from where I am to where I ought to be!”

I've never liked this distinction between preaching and teaching. Preaching and teaching are to be one in the same. If the teaching does not move you, then the teacher *might* just be a false one. Simply being able to dispense information does not make one a teacher.

Jimmy H

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We have, perhaps, too many teachers who think it is enough to dispense information and too many listeners who think it is enough to sit and listen to make the comment valid to some degree.
There is a tendency in many bible schools to throw out the teachers that have the ability to talk to the heart at the same time as they talk to the mind and keep those who are not a danger to common order.
Your comment is certainly valid. . .

Lars Widerberg

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“True men of God spend their primary time and energy finding and following God’s desires as He has revealed them in the Bible.
Proud and undisciplined men think they do God service by introducing new ways and means and means into the life of the church.
In recent years an almost unbelievable host of novelties have appeared. Many of them are now accepted as if they were a part of divine revelation.”

One might add, proud and undisciplined men continue to guard their petty kingdoms with a lot of words which has lost its meaning. They keep on holding monologues without audiences.


Terry Lee

 2004/9/21 15:58Profile

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