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Sorry about the no reply for a week.

Ginnyrose. My friend is ignorant to a lot of what I am going through, by his own admission. He can just see that my life is restricted by it and it frustrates him seeing it.

I am also dealing with some serious hurt since my Dad went and got married behind our families back while he was away for work in the UK, this isn't helping the situation.

He left December 07 and came back Christmas day 07 and didn't tell us until New Year's Ever 07 that he had remarried. My parents also hadn't told us that Dad had divorced Mum since they had divorced even though they were both living in the same house.


I obviously used the wrong tense, HAS NOT is correct as opposed to WILL NOT.


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Dear Michael,

Your friend is probably too young and inexperienced in life to fully understand what you have endured emotionally. He probably wants to fix things and make everything ok in your life, and his frustration is in seeing that he can't. The best thing a friend can do is to walk alongside you and listen and pray.

The Lord will provide you with His grace as you trust Him through this difficult time. He may be teaching you to rest in Him alone. God works in His perfect time, so just keep trusting one day at a time, and be faithful to keep your quiet time with Him.

I just read a good devotion here on SI. It's called: Calvary must be the foundation! Posted by appolus under Devotional Thoughts. I think the content of this will be helpful and comforting to you.

God cares for you. He will never leave you nor forsake you, and He will keep His promises. You can trust Him.

May the Lord bless and keep you.

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