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 Re: Is this song doctrinally sound?

The song would be ok if it was scriptural. "The Moon is His night light"?, come on. Our God doesn't sleep and there is no shadow of turning with Him, therefore there is no night, and He is far above the Heavens and has no need for these beggarly elements of the Sun and Moon. These people are being paid to sing. This is their livelihood to entertain you. And if you buy their CD's, their job is complete.

I like Bill and Gloria Gaither. They contributed a lot of the songs that we sing in church today. But there are songs that are questionable. And it's our right to question them.

 2009/3/27 22:33

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Hi again everyone,

I wanted to share something else with you all.

Neil had suggested this,

"...some of you use framing words, such as "humanism" just like razors to cut and wound others."

I think that is something that we should consider. I think also that it is possible for us to become extreme in the positions that we take and that we can become unescessarily harsh in our judgments of whatever does not go far enough to what we are holding, and even cruel to those that do not follow it.

I thought of the Pharasiees that rejected and reviled the man that was born blind after the Lord Jesus had restored his sight - on the sabbath day.

Yes, we have need of being zealous for the glory of God, and for truth. But too, we have need of compassion and of being tenderhearted to one another. And of patience and carefulness in our judgments.

I don't mean to say that any of this pertains to any of you, but I hope it will be alright to offer these things to consider also.

There is a great variety of life, and emotion, expressed in the scripture. Count the number of times we read 'I' or 'me' or 'my' in the 23rd Psalm. But we would not say that David was a humanist or saying that man was the ultimate measure of things. But he does say that God is his Shepherd.

Of course God does not need a night light, but He did give the moon to us as one(Gen 1:14-17.)

He doesn't need Jupiter for a pillow, but He doesn't have wings for us to shelter under either(Ps 17:8).

God wouldn't have need of jewelery or gold(Mal 3:17). And could it even be imagined that God would sing over us(Zeph 3:17)?

I don't mean to share these things to make a defence for this song. But I hope that it will be alright to consider these things also.

Wish you all well,


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2009/3/28 12:10Profile

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