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Most of my life was spent in a church that focused on the sincere Word of God. I am so grateful for my early years of learning the Scriptures, and also grateful for this church.

Although the Lord Jesus was my Savior, I had little knowledge of the Holy Spirit. He was in me, because the Father anointed that when I was born again. My Christian walk seemed empty at times. At age 43, I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that opened up so many blessings of the Lord. I was like a sponge and couldn't soak it all up fast enough. Through my best friend, I was introduced to the charismatic church. There and then, I knew that my life would never be the same. One night after an evangelist closed the meeting, I went forward to tell him how much I was blessed. Before I could leave the pew, he told me that God was all over me. I knew he was being truthful because I felt the power of God so strong. In the aisle, the Holy Spirit came upon me and I was on the floor. Some wanted to help me up, but I could hear the evangelist tell them to let me stay so that God could do what He wanted to do.

Before this happened, I was skeptical of some of the things that people would tell me the Holy Spirit would do. That night, every promise that God makes in His Word was confirmed in my spirit.

This is not to say that all of these experiences are legitimate. Only God can confirm them if it is His work in progress.

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