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 Re: Need to make a decision(Father has given me an answer)

Dear sister, I had wanted to jot down a few thoughts that had encouraged me.
HeartSong in case you read this, I hope you too will be encouraged with regard to your concern for your grand parents.
I donot have anything new but reiterating the things that have encouraged me.

It has given me tremedous peace as I have begun to realize that God is in control. I am realizing that as I ask God to let me realize that He is in control, He take me deeper into what it really means. Then I know that there is not a door that He opens that can be shut and not a door that He closes that one can open.

This God is my Father, He is concerned about my concern more than I am concerned about it. He wants to help me more than I want the Help.
He loves the ones I love, a zillion times more than I love them. And I am comforted, my burden is able to rest in the burden of HIS own heart. I begin to realize that God, GOD, wants to help those whom I have a burden for. And suddenly the odds seems so negligible.

So then I can just humble myself and say, Lord what do You want me to do. And I can start with seeking to love them more. Lord teach me to love them. And in this path of loving, help me to identify the opportunities that You will provide and give me the wisdom to take hold of them.
Now my focus is to love, because the burden of salvation has fallen on the Lord. I am no longer burdened to try and 'fit' in the gospel somewhere. I trust the Lord to lead the way and open the door. I know He is in charge of the flow of the conversation/interaction.
If the samaritan woman wants to change the topic I am ok. God is in charge.
If I do not get time to share the gospel in all its depth, I am OK. I am Ok if all I can say is, "Zaccheaus come down, I am goign to have dinner with you." (now how much of gospel was there in that)
Yes Lord it is not the words I use, it is YOU. It is the Holy Spirit that will convict of sin and righteousness and judgement to come.
As for me I will Love the Lord and ask Him to teach me to love others, ever alert to His promptings.
And to add to this, as if this were not enough, I have the saints praying for me and binding the activities of Satan and his hordes.
I have tasted what it means - "to enter into HIS rest."

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