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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Will the death of Christ for the 55 million Yadava be utterly in vain?

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 Will the death of Christ for the 55 million Yadava be utterly in vain?

He died to take away our sins, not only ours but the sins of all the earth. Most of the 55 million Yadava have simply never heard the message.

Recently I read of a missionary there where the Yadava live who was walking by a river. A woman was there crying. He asked her why. She explained that her husband had been severly ill, and she felt that it was because of her sins; therefore, she had just thrown her baby into the river as a sacrifice to the gods so that her husband could get better.

The missionary explained to her that Jesus died on a cross to take away her sins. With joy she received the message, yet she went away sad also. "If only you had come 30 minutes earlier. My baby would have been spared".

"The Yadava participate in the local traditional and socio-religious festivals. They are known to have more faith in astrology and talismans rather than in the services of a doctor. They have expertise in oral traditions like Sevagaridi or group singing in praise of the god Vishnu."

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