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 Thank you Lord

Late last year I bought a new laptop. When the trial period for my anti virus software ran out, the Lord let me know that He would have it that I not have any anti virus software on my computer - that I was to trust Him in the matter.

Initially I was somewhat uncomfortable with this thought, but I eventually settled upon the fact that protecting my computer was an easy thing for the Lord. There have been times in the past where my computer had crashed and nothing seemed to fix it - however, the next day, after praying over the matter, I turned it on and it worked just fine. So I decided I would just ask for His protection every time I used the computer

Well, not having the anti virus software was not a problem - until today. I was shopping for something and clicked on a site and red flags went up all over the place. My first instinct was to get some anti virus software, and I was in the process of doing so, when I realized that this was not what the Lord wanted me to do. So I went for a walk and listened to a sermon, and then I prayed and read His Word.

Oh sorrow, upon sorrows. I had been moving forward on several things without even asking His will in the matter. Additionally, Satan had started drawing me away in several areas and I had quit asking for the Lord's protection in many things, including my time on the computer.

With a heavy heart I asked for His forgiveness and inquired as to what the remedy could be now that my computer was infected. My thought was that I could no longer email, as this would pass the infection on to others. After more prayer, the Lord released me to install the anti-virus software. The new software found only one problem - that being a cookie.

The Lord had already fixed the problem.

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