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 Fathers given NAME of His Son

Shalom! Lets get right to it shall we. In the book of Acts there are three accounts of Saul on the road to Damascus. Acts 9, Acts 22, and the most overlooked by christians, Acts 26. According to Acts 26 the NAME of the Messiah is not what has been handed down and tought to you, as jesus. The voice speaking to Saul is of course our Messiah. He chose to speak to Saul who spoke both Hebrew and Greek, yet He spoke in Hebrew, why? Bucause according to Acts 4:12 which says "Neither is there salvation in any other: FOR THERE IS NONE OTHER NAME UNDER HAEVEN GIVEN AMONG MEN, whereby we must be saved. Therefore if YAHSHUA spoke HIS NAME in any other language, then He and His Word would be found a liar according to Acts 4:12. Why would the translatiors do such a thing? I thank YAHWEH that they did for it has kept His NAME pure from all the paganism that christians have allowed into ther worship such as christmas and easter. There IS a GREAT AWAKENING, we are finding out that we become Jews and not so-called christians as GOD only has ONE PEOPLE! JEWS! GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE! There will not be a revival until the shepherds repent and teach TRUTH! Any questions can be directed to [email protected] SHALOM!!! :smart: :smart:


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 Re: Fathers given NAME of His Son

In India alone, an estimated 412 million people have never even heard a translated version of that name: . According to Wycliffe Bible translators, "Today about 200 million people do not have the Bible in their own language." . . . "The majority of North Korea's population of 25 million people have never heard the name Jesus, or the message of God's love for them" . . .

"Peoples-by-Country Individuals
Global Total 16,304 6.64 billion
Unreached / Least-Reached 6,652 2.72 billion
% Unreached / Least-Reached 40.8 % 41.0 %
10/40 Window Total 7,016 4.05 billion
10/40 Window Least-Reached 5,209 2.37 billion
10/40 Window % Least-Reached 74.2 % 58.5 %
Affinity Blocs 16
People Clusters 251
Peoples Groups (without reference to Countries) 9,763
Unreached Peoples Groups (without reference to Countries) 4,068
Countries 236
Languages 6,511"

Brother, please heartily, earnestly cry out to God in desperate supplication for the BILLIONS of people on this earth and the THOUSANDS of entire language groups who have never even heard a translated version of His name.

Michael Strickland

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 Re: Fathers given NAME of His Son

i don't understand why they translate names...i mean, i wouldn't call my friend ricardo from mexico richard just because i'm american. i call him ricardo. it is quite odd, all the names in the Bible are translated into "english" names. yuck!! the complete jewish Bible puts the hebrew names, i like that a lot.

and i stand with Lorddoitagain also; even a trnslated version is better than no version at all...
thanks for posting! welcome!

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