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I am wondering what gossip really is. I understand that talking behind someones back among a group of people that know each other is gossip, but I have been thinking about this wondering isn't most of what passes for news(supposed current events) put forth as gossip too. And am I taking part in gossip if I read an article that is filled with half truths? What about if someone is talking to me about a famous person and they say for example, "Did you hear so and so is getting married, or divorced or fill in the blank. Isn't that the same as taking part in gossip? I am just wondering because I have really been praying about knowing Jesus and wanting to die to the sin that keeps me from Him. I am seeing there is stuff there that I had not even realized before. So I am seeking to better understand what gossip is.

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 Re: Gossip

Gossip is what you said. Talking about someone's hair color, their relationship, their car, their education, etc. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing. The National News Gossips, we avoid the TV news and get our news mostly from different Internet sites. Or, if we have to find out something about Local News, we watch the part we want to know and then turn the rest off.

Gossip is insidious and is blended into all worldly communication. Do not partake, to the best of your ability.

I am glad your eyes are opening to danger signs, this is a good thing, Praise the Lord.

Glad to see you posting, I miss you when you are on the quiet side.

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This whole chpt is a very good read.

There was one verse from it that I was going to post, but it did it a disservice out of context.

[url=]1 John 2[/url]


 2009/3/18 1:08

 Re: Gossip

Hello Elisabeth,

Have you listened to [url=]Satan Found A Whisperer by Keith Daniel[/url]? He preaches about gossip in that message.


 2009/3/19 13:37

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