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 Tribal Christians in Laos



Christian congregations within the Bru tribe of Laos have remained faithful to Christ despite continual persecution from authorities.
A Bru pastor, who asked not to be named, testified of the ordeal he has faced since leaving his animistic beliefs and committing his life to Christ through a native missionary in 1990.
”Immediately following my conversion I was imprisoned by authorities for my faith but released two years later,” he said.
”The next year we were one of 30 families whose homes, barns and food supplies were burned to the ground by our persecutors. When I attempted to rebuild a shed and begin farming again for survival, authorities grew angry. They saw that they had not destroyed the Christians. So in March 1993 I was arrested again and taken to prison along with eight other believers. In prison the other believers and I were chained together by the ankles for seven months. One day angry officials beat and tortured me until I almost died. Praise God that He sustained me through this terrible time. After a year of painful suffering, the other believers and I were finally released.”
The pastors and the other Bru Christians then enjoyed four years of freedom, but then they were arrested yet again. ”We were tortured because we would not forsake the name of Christ,” he said. ”In one effort to persuade us, the assistant provincial chief reduced our daily rations to a handful. This went on for five months. When we still didn’t give in, our rations were reduced to nothing but water for 13 days. We were finally released in May 2000 so we could return to our wives and children.”
Despite such treatment, Bru churches continue to grow and prosper.

From the news flow at Intercessors Network

Lars Widerberg

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 Re: Tribal Christians in Laos

Despite such treatment, Bru churches continue to grow and prosper.

I think there's a sense in which it is more accurate to say "Because of such treatment, Bru churches continue to grow and prosper."

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