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 The eyes of christ

warm greetings to all it has been awhile since i have interacted on sermon index but i read the posts on many occassions.

God Taught me a powerful lesson tonight in my spirit. a client of mine recently asked if i would come to his church ( I was hesitant to do so because i already new the foundations of his church but i was unable to bring this word to him as he is to babyish to handle the meat of God and i felt that he would have choked spiritually if i done this) i decided to go as support for my client as he is passionate about God but his foundation is on sand, so with this in mind i went to his church. prior to this i was witnessing to another client who could handle meat and i said to him "brother i Know the lord jesus Christ personally, i have trembled before him, wept before him and have suffered for his name sake. when any man preaches or calls himself a christian then i look for christ in his eyes. no matter what people speak from their lips, Their physical presentation or the way that people admire someone if i do not see the same experiences in peoples eye's then i can not call them brothers and sisters in christ for this is the stripes that we carry when we are crucified with the lord.

OK back to the church, now the preacher tonite was from india and as he went for nearly hour about his testimony. all i heard was how he was poor and the money that he needs to keep his church going, none of his testimony pointed to trials of fire, repentance, the law or about true faith towards Gods grace and mercy durring hard situations. anyway as he started to speak about how much he loves the lord and that the lord loves us. i could see no conviction of why he believed this. the lord came upon me at this point and gave me a vision and it was this.

he was facing away from me and i had a fire on my hand it was a hot red fire but this fire did not burn my hand. i was standing behind him and i placed my hand on his left shoulder and his whole body on the outside burned around him from head to toe and as this happened he fell to his knees but he would not look at me or behind him.

I knew straight away that it was from God because i havent had a vission for a long time and scriptures started flowing through my thoughts interpretating the vision. the main word of God that came to mind is the thrashing of the wheat to seperate the chaff from the seed. the Lord then said to me that "this man has now stated before my people that he loves me and that i love him so therefore i will make him accountable for the words that procedeth out of his mouth"

i understood this to be that the lord is our refining fire that heats the gold to destroy that which is not gold so that only pure gold is left, a purification of his heart. if adheres to gods words and trusts in Jesus then he will not be burnt by a comming trial neither will he smell of smoke but if he doesnt trust in the lord the fire will consume him.

hopefully i have written this the way that the lord showed me. many more things started but i will wait before i tell about these as i need to test them for their fruit.

karl rashleigh

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 Re: The eyes of christ

wow!! chilling. oh, Lord have mercy on us all, You do hold us accountable to what we speak. may our lips tell Your truth and our hearts live Your truth, both testifying the same.
thanks for sharing, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

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