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 If I'm good enough


Today I got to speak with my mom on the phone. She is a strong Catholic and follows the traditions of the faith. She has been fighting all this flu virus that is going around and it has been really hard for her. She was feeling kind of tired and just really rundown. She was explaining to me how difficult things have been over the last few weeks. The chores, keeping house and trying to make sure things get done has really been hard for her. As we talked she began talking about things she wanted to ask God about and then she said, "You know if I'm good enough when I die and if God lets me into heaven, then I am going to ask Him about somethings."

My heart sank, I was just so sad to hear her say that. "If I'm good enough...its such a deception. We never can be good enough that's why we have such great need for Jesus. I wanted to tell her, to share with her but in that moment no words came. I have talked to her on many other occasions about this, shared with her about it, but this time I just listened and then she had to go. I told her I would pray for her.
All afternoon and this evening it has been on my heart, she still honestly believes that she can some how be good enough or acceptable by doing things. After all the long talks and countless teachings that I have shared with her she still believes the lie.

Thanks for listening
God Bless

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 Re: If I'm good enough

This sure did cause me to fight tears MaryJane.

I do understand, because of my entire family.

I'll join you in prayer for your dear Mom.

Our unsaved loved ones are getting weighier on us now - the burden, yes, amen.

GOD 'Bless' you and yours Sis.

 2009/3/15 3:49

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 Re: If I'm good enough

Thank you for sharing Mary Jane.

My mum has been made entirely 'anti-God' by Catholicism. She claims it's 'essentially the same' as what I believe and therefore doesn't want to know. Oddly, she'll get defensive of Catholicism if I try to expose some of it's faults, even though she hated it so much.

I never seem to share the Gospel with my family, I'm hoping I'll somehow get more opportunity when I move out and get married and see them less - maybe from a distance my life will be more of a testimony that it is close up.

I get so _used_ to my family being unsaved and so 'anti-' that it's just something I've come to accept.

Your thoughts have challenged me. Thank you.

It also made me sad, my nan was a catholic and I prayed I'd see a sign of if she was saved or not and the next day she said something like how when she's done something wrong she get's a sense of it and thinks "you wern't please with how I acted then, I'm sorry" - I took that to resemble a relationship with God, but then towards the end when she died of cancer she said to me how she was so angry at God, she prayed and prayed and nothing happened.

I found no words to say, but since she died I have to wonder if I ever said enough - I don't think I did.

Thank you again for opening up to us.

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While discussing deception with a friend yesterday - the fact that people will believe those that want their money, rather than God who gives freely, my friend gave me this quote that someone gave her:

"I was deceived by that which I was led to believe."

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 Re: If I'm good enough

praying for yall


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Prayed for you and your Mother.

Taylor Otwell

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It is hard to reach the Catholic people, and people caught up in the Prosperity Doctrine.

I know there are a couple of Catholics at one of the Nursing Homes I go to, and my Pastor when he preaches, tells all the Residents that it is Heaven or Hell, no place in between.
He preaches with the Love of God, but I'm so glad he tells them the Truth.

It will take the Spirit of Almighty God to convict them.
It is like they are brain washed.

God saved me, and we all have someone lost in our Families. Immediate Family Members, or someone who needs our Precious Savior.

May God save all of them.

I hope and pray that God will give you the Words to say to your Mom.

God Bless you.

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