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I have read comments on Dave's VISION both positive and negative. And there is also both positive and negative feelings toward Dave as a minister of God. All comments take into consideration his denominational affiliation and his beliefs as to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

These comments are all oppinions. Everyone is granted the right of there own oppinion. After all, everyone has one (or two). But with regard to whether Dave is a false prophet or not, one thing is ultimately clear. WE ARE LIVING IN VERY TROUBLESOME TIMES.

The things Dave reveals in his vision is simple astounding considering the signs which are preceeding us today. I only know one thing stands true. There is a power, a power that has been discarded, overlooked, ignored and swept under the rug for far too long. The power I am speaking of is nothing but the power of God thru his Holy Spirit.

This power WILL undoubtedly manifest itself in those christian men and women who truely seek after the righteousness of God in Christ. Those men and women who retain a burning and urgent desire within their hearts to reach out in apathy for God's faultering and wavering church in these last days. And as Moses spoke out in the power and boldness of God's authority, these men and women will be empowered with that same Holy Spirit one day very soon. Then, and only then we will all consent to put our oppinions behind us and concentrate on on our one and only preoccupation in this world, and that is to seek God's protecting grace for all of his true church. :-(

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