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 "Big Love" = Bigamy

Here is a link to a "news cast" about an upcoming show on an HBO series called "Big Love."

[b]Secret Mormon ritual to be portrayed on HBO[/b]

Please be aware that both this series about having multiple wives, and the showing of the Mormon rituals, are part of the process of getting us used to the idea that this practice is both normal and acceptable. The homosexual agenda worked the very same way. Bigamy is next in the line up.

While the Mormons claim that they do not practice these things any longer, the "law" requiring them to do so still remains on their books. While their "new law" not to practice such things has been put into effect, the "old law" still remains on the books and only requires the withdrawal of the "new" for the "old" to go into effect.

For any that are trapped in Mormonism, here is a book that details how a Christian family got drawn in, what happened to their family, and how they got out.

Out of Mormonism: A Woman's True Story by Judy Robertson

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